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Opening Section Review

This editorial review will address the style, structure and pacing of the first 20,000 words of your manuscript.

Opening Section Review

Our Opening Section Review will provide you with detailed editorial feedback on the first 20,000 words of your manuscript.

Your editor will advise on your work’s strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable insights on how to improve.

You’ll also have the chance to follow up with your editor via email after you receive your report to discuss things in more depth.

Covering everything from plotting and characterisation to commercial potential, this service is perfect for new writers seeking direction as well as those with a finished manuscript preparing for agent submission.

Choose between standard and express service

Please note, during busy periods turnaround times may be extended.

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Opening Section Review

Get a 2,000 word editorial report on the first 20,000 words of your book
Includes opportunity to follow-up with editor to clarify comments
4 week turnaround time
Premium Members receive 10% discount

Express Opening Section Review

Get a 2,000 word editorial report on the first 20,000 words of your book
Includes opportunity to follow-up with editor to clarify comments
An expedited 2 week turnaround
Premium Members receive 10% discount
You kindly gave me some excellent feedback on the initial stages of my novel. Well, it’s “finished”, and I have been fortunate to have it shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Foundation Award for Adventure novel of the year (unpublished).
Richard F
Your comments on the random points of view in my opening paragraph left me stunned! I take all your advice gratefully, and all of the technical points like POV, tense, dialogue, etc., went straight on the to do list.
Steve K
Thank you again for your encouragement and many brilliant suggestions for my Cuba novel. I found them very perceptive and incorporated them into another draft.
Marion D

Our Editors

Our editors specialise in trade fiction and non-fiction texts. They include traditionally published authors as well as publishing professionals such as literary agents and Big 5 publishers. Find out more about our editors, here.

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Frequently asked


Who will be giving the feedback?

An editor who best suits your editorial content. We match manuscripts based on 15 years of experience working with our editors. We consider editor experience, their genres of interest, and whether they themselves feel they are the right fit for your work. As all our editors are freelance, this depends on availability.


Can I contact the editor directly?

No, but their in-depth report will contain actionable advice for you to progress with your manuscript.


How long does it take?

The turnaround is usually three to four weeks.


What genres do you accept?

All trade fiction and non-fiction. We are not suited to edit academic texts.


I’m not in the UK, is that a problem?

No, we work with writers all round the world.


Can you help me find an agent?

Yes, you can log onto Jericho Writers’ AgentMatch, our database of over 1,000 UK and US literary agents.