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Claire Gillman

Claire Gillman - Editor

Claire is an experienced journalist, writer and editor. Until last year she was the Editor of Kindred Spirit, the UK’s leading mind/body/spirit magazine. She has been coaching and mentoring writers for nearly 15 years.

She has been a freelance contributor to leading women’s magazines and national newspapers, particularly The Times and the Guardian, and has also been editor of a number of consumer and specialist women’s magazines including Health & Fitness magazine and Girl About Town.

Claire has written 30 non-fiction books for adults and creative non-fiction titles for children, some under the pen-name, Rory Storm. Among her titles are three books in the Hodder Teach Yourself series on how to get published and how to make money from freelance writing. She has coached authors for top publishing houses and has also run writers’ workshops, always with the emphasis on fun, style and discovering your inner creativity.

Claire is married with two grown-up sons and lives on the edge of the West Pennines with her family and dog. For more information, go to


Author care is one Claire’s key priorities and has a huge influence on all the work she does. Having worked on a number of magazines specialising in things like mind, body and spirit, Claire has a very open-minded approach to editing. It’s clear from her reports that she puts a lot of time and research into every single report she does. Given her varied experience, we would say her approach can be quite holistic. She digs deep into why your proposed title could help others, but also how the process of writing (and editing) may help you as the author. Claire always handles an author’s work with the upmost delicacy and is sensitive to how it might fit in current discussion or literature.


I have been working with Jericho Writers to help new writers to achieve their dream of becoming a published author for over ten years and have worked privately with clients for many years before that. I have had a great deal of joy and a good career from writing and I am passionate about passing on some of the wisdom I’ve gleaned over my 35 years on the job. Seeing a new writer’s delight as their book improves and their confidence grows gives me untold pleasure and satisfaction. Whether you want to record your story for your family or want to reach a mass market with your message, it feels great to be able to help you achieve that aim.

My particular passion and expertise lie in the field of biography, mind/body/spirit, travel, parenting and natural health writing and all forms of creative non-fiction. I am happy to help you to realise your writing ambitions, to produce your best book and to make it as marketable as possible.

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