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Get one-to-one guidance as you write your book

Our professional and experienced writing mentors and book coaches can help you develop an idea, write a novel from scratch, or work to complete and edit an existing draft.

Find Your Creative Writing Mentor

Writers on this mentoring program have gone on to be published, and even longlisted for the Booker Prize.
Will you be next?

This service combines online mentoring and editorial feedback to help you work towards a novel that is publishable. It’s your chance to work on your manuscript from the start, or after completing a first draft of your novel, with your choice of award-winning mentors. 

Our experienced mentors and book coaches have helped hundreds of writers write their own prize-winning books, via constant feedback and advice. The one-to-one tuition is designed to be entirely flexible around your writing life, and if your work is ready by the end, we can help you get it to market, too. 

A bespoke service, our mentoring comes in blocks of 10, 20 or 30 hours, depending on the level of guidance you’re looking for. These hours can be spread out however you and your book coach / mentor see fit. The time you book includes the time your writing mentor spends reading and editing your work, and any emails, calls or video chats you have together.

Key Information

Date: Immediate start.

Duration: 10, 20 or 30 hours spread over a period that suit your needs.

Price: £995 for 10 hours; £1,950 for 20 hours; £2,800 for 30 hours (*10% discount for members).

Entry: Apply Now.

Location: Online.

What Our Writing Mentors Offer You

Your Personal Book Coach

This mentoring service is tailored entirely to you and your creative writing goals. Whether you’re plotting a new story or editing your finished draft, your mentor will focus 100% on helping you work towards your own potentially prize-winning book.

One-to-one attention

You’ll work with your mentor directly, through email, phone calls or video calls. They’ll help you write from a single line synopsis through to a full plan for your novel. Or if you have your first draft, provide you with detailed feedback as you edit it into something saleable.

An individual experience

Before you start your journey, you’ll discuss your work with your mentor, to guarantee a personal experience and extensive mentoring at every stage. Mentoring is much more than an online writing class; this way of working ensures you meet with your mentor at every vital juncture in your development.

Work at your own pace

Each writing stage has different needs. You and your mentor can decide how to spread your sessions to help you with yours. This may include up to three, two-hour long phone or Skype meetings, to be used as and when you both think it makes sense.

Beginning mentoring at Jericho Writers has been one of the bravest and best decisions I’ve made this year – quite life changing.
Marion L – Mentoring Student
I have been on a number of courses, including those that are selective and agency-run. This mentoring is easily the most impressive. The level of support and detailed feedback is incredible – as is the speed of the response. I have learnt so much and know, without a doubt, that my writing has really improved. By far the best support I have ever had.
Julie W – Mentoring Student
The Jericho Mentorship experience has been the most important and helpful one of my whole writing career and the most helpful thing I’ve done in any field. The book I struggled with for so long finally makes sense to me and I’ve learned things that I can apply to this and all future projects.
Joshua N – Mentoring Student
This mentoring programme has kicked my writing butt into the sharpest learning curve. Every comment relates to a specific piece of my work in progress so it’s a very personal acceleration.
Joanna V – Mentoring Student
Having a mentor is the best thing I have done in my writing career. After a week I felt inspired and so positive in my direction.
Les E – Mentoring Student
I can honestly say that the amount of progress I have made with mentoring is overwhelming. I am now more or less in a position where I can confidently say I can just go and write the novel. I would never have imagined so much could be achieved in such a short time. I have the plot worked out, the characters, the viewpoint, everything. Far, far more than I could have possibly imagined.
Bethany W – Mentoring Student

Find Your Perfect Writing Mentor

Choose the Mentor Best-Fitted to Your Genre

Lindsey Alexander

Specialises in: Historical fiction, romance, mystery/thriller, contemporary and literary fiction, YA, and selected non-fiction. Learn More.

Aliya Ali-Afzal

Specialises in: Contemporary fiction, crime and thriller, upmarket and book club fiction. Learn More.

Susan Allott

Specialises in: Contemporary, literary (including book club fiction), crime/thriller/action, and women’s fiction. Learn More.


Natasha Bell

Specialises in: Contemporary, literary, book club, crime, thriller, action, women’s fiction, short stories, and novellas. Natasha also specialises in memoir and selected subject-led non-fiction. Learn More.

Neil Blackmore

Specialises in: Historical, contemporary, literary, book club, crime, thriller, women’s fiction, romance, dystopian, comedy/satire, and short stories. He also specialises in selected non-fiction. Learn More.

Gavin James Bower

Specialises in: Contemporary fiction, short story collections, and creative non-fiction. Learn More.

Emily-Jane Clark

Specialises in: Contemporary, women’s fiction, comedy/satire, historical fiction, picture books, children’s books, plays and screenwriting, memoir/autobiography, narrative non-fiction, and subject-led non-fiction. Learn More.

Diana Collis

Specialises in: Non-fiction of all kinds, especially self-help and memoir writing. Learn More.

Emma Cooper

Emma Cooper

Specialises in: Contemporary, literary (including book club), women’s fiction, and romance and erotica. Learn More.

Helen Francis

Specialises in: Contemporary, literary, crime/thriller/action, women’s fiction, comic/satire, historical fiction, short stories/novellas and some non-fiction (including memoirs, autobiographies and subject-led non-fiction). Learn More.

Donna Freitas

Specialises in: Contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, children’s, and young adults. She also specialises in non-fiction of all kinds. Learn More.

Gwyn GB

Specialises in: Self-publishing, digital marketing and building an author business, crime mysteries and thrillers, women’s fiction, and emotional suspense. Learn More.

Gary Gibson

Specialises in:  Science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, and horror. Learn More.

Lindsay Hawdon

Specialises in: Literary fiction, contemporary, women’s, crime and thriller. She also specialises in non-fiction of all kinds, especially travel, adventure, nature, and memoir. Learn More.

Judith Heneghan

Specialises in: Contemporary fiction, historical fiction, fiction for young people aged 7+, non-fiction, and educational books for all ages. Learn More.

Caroline Hulse

Specialises in: Literary fiction, contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, crime and thriller, historical and comic/satire. She also specialises in memoir and autobiography writing. Learn More.


Sam Jordison

Specialises in: Contemporary fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, crime, thriller, and satire. He also specialises in creative non-fiction, including memoirs and narrative non-fiction. Learn More.

Kate Lee

Specialises in: Children’s and early teen fiction (including picture books). Learn More.

Victoria Lee

Specialises in: All children’s and YA fiction (including picture books) and educational non-fiction. Learn More.

Mark Leggatt

Specialises in: Contemporary, literary, crime and thriller, SFF, comic/satire, paranormal, historical, short story, memoir, and book club. Learn More.

Liz Monument

Specialises in: Dystopian, science fiction, historical, fantasy, literary fusions, and anything quirky or genre-bending. Learn More.

Annabel Pitcher

Specialises in: Children’s and young adult fiction, women’s fiction. Learn More.

Paul Roberts

Specialises in: Memoir/autobiography, subject-led non-fiction, narrative non-fiction. Learn More.

Trisha Sakhlecha

Specialises in: Psychological suspense/thriller, crime, upmarket women’s fiction. Learn More.

Holly Seddon

Specialises in: Thriller, suspense, crime. Learn More.

Nicola Skinner

Nicola Skinner

Specialises in: Middle grade and young adult. Learn More.

Anna Vaught

Specialises in: Contemporary fiction, magical realism, women’s fiction, historical, romance, dystopian, comic/satire, short stories, and narrative non-fiction. Learn More.

Tamsin Winter

Specialises in: Children’s books (picture books, middle grade, and YA), genre fiction and memoir. Learn More.

Tom Witcomb

Specialises in: Commercial and upmarket genre fiction: crime & thriller, adventure & action, historical, SFF and speculative. Learn More.

Philip Womack

Specialises in: Children’s books, YA, literary fiction, fantasy, literary biography. Learn More.

Debbie Young

Specialises in: Self-publishing. Learn More.

Remembering Marcus Sedgwick

We were saddened to learn of the unexpected death of author, mentor, and Ultimate Novel Writing Course tutor Marcus Sedgwick in November 2022.

Marcus Sedgwick was a prizewinning and beloved author of over 40 extraordinary books for adults and young adults, of novels for younger people, of non-fiction and academic essays. His books were shortlisted for over thirty awards, including the Carnegie Medal (five times), the Edgar Allan Poe Award (twice) and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize (four times). He is also the most noted author in the history of the Printz Award, with one win and two honor books. He won the Branford Boase award for his debut novel, Floodland, and the Booktrust Teenage Prize for My Swordhand is Singing.

He was a valued member of the Jericho Writers team, supporting emerging authors in their projects as both a private mentor and UNWC tutor. The impact he had in these roles was immeasurable, shown through the passion, care, and enthusiasm he bestowed on each project he worked on. He will be very much missed by all of us.

Frequently asked


Which genres are accepted?

All genres are accepted, for both non-fiction and fiction writing.


What manuscript lengths do you accept?

All lengths. 


Is this service for UK writers only?

No, we work with writers from all around the world. 


Which mentors do you work with?

We’ve a team of award-winning authors with decades of tutorial experience, who’ve been hand-selected for quality and rigour. 

Meet them here.


How much does one-to-one mentoring cost?

It depends on the number of hours tuition you require. Get in Touch with us directly and we can provide a quote. 


How will I get the editorial changes returned to me?

You’ll be working online directly with your tutor.  


How does it fit around my work-life?

The mentoring process is very flexible, and you and your mentor can discuss the timetable that is best for you.  


What if my work needs more attention than this service offers?

In that situation, we’ll tell you. You’ll fill in an application page before you start, so we know you’re ready for all that mentoring brings you.  


Will my editor respect my own personal style and voice?

Yes. That’s very important to us. As writers ourselves, we know that we can’t just impose a house style on your prose and expect that to be okay. 


What if I don’t agree with the changes?

If there are areas your mentor think need changes, it’s up to you to make up your own mind. It’s about your decisions, not your mentor’s. 


Will my mentor read my full manuscript? 

Although our Mentoring Service is bespoke to you and your needs, generally, our mentors won’t read your entire manuscript. This is because there might not be enough time for your mentor to read your entire manuscript and offer feedback/guidance. If you are interested in receiving a written editorial report on your entire manuscript, you might want to consider our Editorial Services such as a Manuscript Assessment or Developmental Edit. 


Will my mentoring hours expire?

Each mentoring purchase is subject to an expiry date, to ensure you use the hours within a timely manner to make the most of your mentoring.

Please see the limits assigned to each order below:

  • 10 hours or less: All the hours need to be used in 12 months or less.
  • 11-20 hours: All the hours need to be used in 18 months or less.
  • 21-30 hours: All the hours need to be used in 24 months or less.

If, at the end of the allotted time, you fail to use all your purchased hours, the remaining hours will expire and be non-refundable.

Any extensions to these expiry dates will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and we will only grant these extensions with your mentor’s approval.

To request an extension, you should send a written request to both your mentor and Jericho Writers (mentoring@jerichowriters.com).


Can I book less than 10 hours of mentoring?

Absolutely! We recognise that our mentoring applicants have all kinds of requirements, and offer a flexible booking service to accommodate this. This is perfect for writers that wish to pay as they go per hour, or those that have smaller-scale mentoring requests (for example, a couple of hours to work on a synopsis). To enquire about this, please email mentoring@jerichowriters.com, and we’ll get back to you with further information.