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One-to-One Sessions with Agents

Want personalised feedback on your submission pack from a literary agent?

Expert advice from a Literary Agent

Get valuable feedback on your writing and submission pack in a fifteen-minute one-to-one with an industry expert of your choice.

Perfect for authors seeking representation, your one-to-one can be used to receive professional advice on your book’s marketability, ask any industry questions, or fine-tune your query letter. Our agents cover a range of of genres in fiction, non-fiction, adult and children’s writing.

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Check out our FAQs page for more information on what to expect from your one-to-one session.

Our Agents

Agent availability is first come first serve; your first-choice agent may not be available when you book. New sessions are released monthly. If in doubt get in touch and we’d be happy to chat about which agents could be a good match.

Rachel Beck

Liza Dawson

Rachel is looking for adult and YA fiction, and select non-fiction. This includes upmarket/book club women’s fiction, light-hearted millennial fiction or contemporary romance, domestic suspense, and contemporary YA.

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Danielle Bukowski

Sterling Lord Literistic

Danielle represents adult fiction including literary, smart bookclub, upmarket and select SFF. She also represents some nonfiction, preferring those that expand her view of the world, are rigorously researched, or demonstrate the author’s personal stake in the subject.

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Megan Carroll

Watson, Little

In adult fiction, Megan is looking for romance, romantasy, family dramas, coming-of-age, and general upmarket. In YA, she looks for thriller, horror, romantasy and issues-based contemporary. Finally in MG, she looks for funny contemporary stories, or anything spooky or exciting.

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Jane Chun

Transatlantic Agency

Jane is seeking commercial, upmarket and literary fiction for adult, YA and MG readers as well as some SFF and historical fiction. Jane also represents a range of non-fiction topics (see full bio for details).

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Julie Crisp

Julie Crisp Literary Agency

Julie is an editor and agent looking to build her list of adult genre fiction, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, gothic and historical. She is keen to find own voices, unique and creative settings, great characters, and retellings of myths and fairytales.

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Jon Curzon editor

Jon Curzon

Artellus Ltd

Jon enjoys literary fiction with a distinctive voice and style. He is also open to a wide range of non-fiction and says that anything could potentially catch his eye in this space, including history, memoir, narrative non-fiction, and academic writing.

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Elinor Davies

Madeleine Milburn

Elinor is looking for commercial and upmarket fiction with a great hook. She represents crime and thriller (especially high-concept crime and feminist thrillers), historical fiction from the Victorian era onwards, and select speculative fiction in the vein of Toshikazu Kawaguchi.

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Ciara Finan

Curtis Brown

Ciara is looking for adult fiction including fantasy, crime/thriller, romance, book club and historical. She also represents non-fiction with commercial appeal, exploring topics including history, feminism, relationships, health, beauty, economics and politics.

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Clara Foster

Aevitas Creative Management UK

Clara is looking for upmarket and accessible literary fiction as well as beautifully written and high-stakes genre fiction and YA. She loves new twists on old tropes, unique perspectives and anything that pushes the boundaries of genre writing.

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Lisa Highton

Jenny Brown Associates

Lisa represents adult fiction and narrative non-fiction in the commercial/literary crossover space. She enjoys historical settings, distinctive storytelling, hidden stories, and a lot of heart.

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Molly Jamieson

United Agents

Molly represents children’s books of all ages (from picture book to YA) and has a particular interest in sci-fi and fantasy across both adult and children’s books.

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Eli Keren

Curious Minds Agency

Eli Keren is currently looking for non-fiction, especially science, current affairs, LGBTQ+ books, issues-led books and projects by academics and researchers obsessed with a niche subject. He also has experience working with commercial and genre fiction.

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Helen Lane

Booker Albert

Helen represents genre fiction including fantasy (adult and YA), sci-fi, horror, paranormal and LGBTQ+ romance, action, adventure and thriller. She especially loves monster stories and extreme settings. She doesn’t want to read about affairs or abuse, including religious abuse.

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Jake Lovell

Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

Jake is looking for dark upmarket stories for adult readers including horror, thrillers, westerns, military and speculative fiction (not sci-fi or fantasy). He also represents nonfiction and is keen to work with historians, academics, journalists, doctors and veterans.

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Emily MacDonald

42 MP

Emily is actively looking for an untold true story (personal or historical) and narrative non-fiction that can provide a compelling social commentary, with an investigative twist! Also a title that blends nature writing and memoir. She also wants literary fic & regional voices.

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Silvia Molteni

Peter, Fraser & Dunlop

Silvia Molteni is the dedicated children’s and YA books Agent at PFD. She is actively looking for Middle Grade novels, strong and diverse voices with brave narratives and contemporary and realistic settings, edgy, funny and moving Middle Grade fiction. She is also looking for Y…

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Caroline Montgomery

Rupert Crew

Caroline Montgomery manages the Rupert Crew Agency. She is looking for: crime – cosy, contemporary and historical; domestic suspense; psychological thriller, reading group, commercial women’s fiction and accessible literary and historical fiction. Also, MG & YA

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Imogen Pelham

Marjacq Scripts

Imogen represents non-fiction, literary fiction and some standout commercial fiction (particularly thrillers, historical and women’s fiction – no SFF or YA).

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Deirdre Power

David Higham Associates

Deirdre loves children’s books across genres and for all ages from picture books to YA. She especially loves contemporary romance and gripping thrillers for YA readers, sweeping MG fantasy stories, and picture books with heart and a strong message.

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Florence Rees

AM Heath

Florence works at AM Heath and is keen to find non-fiction and fiction writers who speak to a younger, millennial audience – whether that’s a journalist who is looking to expand an idea, or perhaps an activist with a social media platform.

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Marilia Savvides

The Plot Agency

Marilia is looking for thrillers, crime, psychological suspense, horror/speculative, and genre-bending fiction. She does not represent fantasy. In non-fiction, she is interested in pop science, psychology, narrative history, true crime, investigative journalism, and memoirs.

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Sandra Sawicka


Sandra’s main interests are genre fiction (SFF, speculative, crime, horror) and a bit of YA, as well as popular science nonfiction. She also handles translation rights for all authors represented by Marjacq.

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Clare Wallace

Darley Anderson

Clare joined Darley Anderson in 2011. She represents picture books, MG, teen and YA, plus a boutique list of adult fiction. For a full list of genres and themes Clare enjoys in children’s, teen and adult fiction, please see her full bio.

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Laura Williams

Greene & Heaton

Laura is looking for literary, upmarket and commercial novels across many genres, including historical, mystery, thriller, romance, horror and speculative. In non-fiction, she represents memoir, narrative non-fiction, and books about mental health, science and pop culture.

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Jo Williamson

Antony Harwood

Jo represents children’s and teen fiction including MG adventures, laugh-out-loud fiction with series potential, and YA romance with a strong hook. Jo is also building her list of adult fiction including women’s, psychological thrillers, and contemporary romantic adventures.

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Susan Yearwood

Susan Yearwood Agency

Susan enjoys book club and commercial adult fiction, including romance (contemporary or historical), cosy crime and women’s fiction. She also represents MG and YA. In non-fiction, she looks for business, self-help, lifestyle, cookery, and personal development memoirs.

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Rachel Yeoh

Madeleine Milburn

Rachel is looking for global voices in literary, upmarket and book club fiction that tell compelling stories reflective of the human experience, as well as autobiographical fiction and narrative non-fiction.

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My 15 minute call with Laura Williams was incredibly helpful and positive, and one of the most useful 15 minutes I think I’ve ever had. We managed to discuss and resolve a lot of issues in the time. Thanks to the entire team.
John C, author
My agent one to one was super useful – she was great to speak with and gave some very valid feedback, which really resonated with my own concerns about the book. So I am now using that feedback in a very positive way. Thanks for the opportunity!
Sarah. M, author
It was such a pleasure to speak with Ciara. She was warm and exceedingly helpful. Of all the different services online and off, this would have to be one of the most useful supports to a novice writer. Her suggestions were specific and invaluable.
Katherine. D, author
It was an unforgettable experience. It was simply wonderful to have a conversation with the agent and receive both positive and negative comments about my novel. Thank you very much indeed.
Elena S, author
My one-to-one agent session with Viola left me feeling very inspired and motivated to pursue my writing goals. Hearing her expertise and knowledge personalised to me within 15mins was a privilege, and I thank Jericho Writers so much for offering these important sessions. 
Tami. E, author
I had the good fortune to do a couple of 121 sessions with agents listed with Jericho Writers. It has been an enriching experience for me. I got good feedback on my query letter, synopsis and I found that the agents paid attention to detail and gave good insights into what works and what does not.
Mital, K, author
Nat went over and above what was expected on an agent 1-2-1 both in terms of engagement with the submission package and the time taken. Her insight was invaluable and her genuine interest in the success of the project was refreshing. She is an absolute star.
My experience was a positive one – the agents were all knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I was fortunate to receive multiple offers of representation and made some wonderful contacts along the way. Whether you’re looking to approach agents or polish your submission materials, the Jericho 1-2-1 sessions are a fantastic opportunity.
Alina. B, author
We talked about where the story could fit in the marketplace, its origins, and my motivations for writing it and gave me some great insights into what an agent needs in order to sell a story to publishers.
David S, author
I felt Rachel absolutely ‘got’ my story, which is incredible given she’d only read the synopsis and first 5,000 words! I felt like she had really engaged with the characters and their narrative arc. Her comments were insightful, and her advice constructive and sympathetic.
Caroline H, author
My session with Lucy was exceptionally useful. The feedback was focused, clear and enlightening. It was also enjoyable. Thank you, it’s a great service to writers and authors.
Cindy. E

Frequently asked


What will my session involve?

Your one-to-one will consist of a fifteen-minute conversation with an industry professional. You will receive feedback on your query letter, synopsis, and the first 5,000 words of your manuscript.


How long will my session last?

One-to-one sessions last fifteen minutes.


When will my session take place?

After purchasing a session, use the booking link in your confirmation email to book a date and time with the agent of your choice. All times listed on the booking page are given in 24-hour UK time (BST, UTC+1). Leave fifteen minutes of leeway to account for any delays in the agent’s schedule.


How will the agent contact me?

Your session will be held over the phone, using the number provided at checkout. If you will be unable to receive a phone call, please contact at least one week before your session so that we can make suitable arrangements.


How can I check that my booking has been confirmed?

If your booking was successful, your booking page should show the time and date of your session. If this is not the case, please get in touch with and let us know which session you would like to book.


What will I need to upload?

You will need to upload three separate Word documents: your query letter, your synopsis, and the first 5,000 words of your manuscript. You can upload these via your booking page. Files must be uploaded no later than one week before the session.


I’m an author of non-fiction/picture books and I don’t have a synopsis – what should I do?

Generally, agents will be happy to receive a book proposal or a second picture book manuscript in place of a synopsis. If you would rather leave this section blank, please let us know at so we can ensure your files will still reach your chosen agent.


How can I change my phone number?

You will be contacted via the phone number provided at checkout. If you need to change this then let us know at no later than one week before your session.


When will I receive my test call?

We aim to ring you within 48 hours of your session to test your phone number. If you miss the test call we will leave you a voicemail and get in touch by email instead.


Can I change the date/time of my session?

We try to accommodate re-scheduling where possible, though this depends on the availability of your chosen agent. Please contact so we can make arrangements.


How can I cancel my session?

Please email no later than two weeks before your session. Depending on your preference, we can either issue a refund or leave your booking vacant until you are ready to book again. Since we need sufficient time to re-sell your session you will not be entitled to a refund or re-booking if you cancel after the two-week deadline.


Can I change the agent I have booked with?

Please email and we can help you select a different agent. As with session cancellations, these requests must be made no later than two weeks before your booked session.


When will new sessions be made available?

We add new One-to-One sessions to the website on the first Monday of every month.


I wasn’t happy with my session; what can I do?

We’re sorry to hear that. While we do not take responsibility for the opinions expressed by agents during these sessions, we hate to think of anyone left feeling disheartened. If something was particularly distressing, please email so we can look into it.


I loved my session; how can I tell others about it?

We’re eager to get as many people aware about this valuable service as possible. If you enjoyed your session, you can tag us on Twitter using @JerichoWriters and the hashtag #JWagent121s. We would love to hear from you!