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How To Write A Novel In 6 Weeks with Harry Bingham

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With guidance from Jericho Writers founder Harry Bingham, in just 6 weeks you’ll learn how to write a novel from initial idea to editing.
6 Weeks

How this course works

Join Harry Bingham as he takes you through the basics of how to write a novel. From nailing that elevator pitch to developing your editorial strategy, over the next 6 weeks you’ll learn everything you need to know to get your novel off to a flying start.

Each video is accompanied by homework. Share your work over on Townhouse to encourage peer-to-peer feedback with our online community. The course is available as part of your Premium Membership, but the first lesson is open to everyone!

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About the course

This course starts on 1 July 2024. During the course, each module will contain a video lesson that’s roughly half an hour long. To go with this lesson, there will be an assignments each week to complete, which we encourage you to share in our community for peer-to-peer feedback. You’ll finish the course with all the tools you need to successfully write your novel.

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The first lesson of How To Write A Novel In 6 Weeks will be available to everyone from 1 July  2024. Simply enroll using the form below. Module 2 to 6 are reserved for Premium Members only. If you’re not a Premium Member and you’d like to be, you can join us here.

How To Write A Novel In 6 Weeks (#149)

Course Syllabus

Week 1 – Planning Your Novel

Nail your basic pitch and develop the arc of your story

Week 2 – Character

Learn how to use feelings, memories, thoughts etc to add detail to your characters, and start to play around with character interactions and dialogue

Week 3 – Plot

Complete the 5 point paradigm, incorporating mystery and fleshing out your main character’s inner and outer journey

Week 4 – Prose

Learn about clarity, precision and getting specific, while injecting a sprinkle of magic into your prose

Week 5 – Tools

Open up your author toolbox and experiment with points of view, tense, theme and more

Week 6 – Self-editing

Arm yourself with the tools you’ll need to edit your novel, either at the end of the first draft or as you go

In this course, you will…

Craft a great story

Learn how to craft a story that will captivate and hook your reader

Build strong characters

Build characters that have depth and a reason for your reader to root for them

Improve your prose

Learn how to improve your prose, thereby improving the overall quality of your novel

Receive feedback

You’ll have the opportunity to get peer-to-peer feedback in our community forums
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