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About Jericho Writers Publishing

With decades of industry experience and insider knowledge behind us, we work with expert authors on a range of non-fiction books. Our books cover everything from how to start writing, to how to publish traditionally, and independently. 

Our expert guides on writing and publishing are available via Amazon as both eBook and in print.

How to Write A Novel: that will sell well and satisfy your inner artist (2020)

by Harry Bingham

This is bestselling author Harry Bingham’s ultimate guide to writing a novel that will remain true to your artistic vision and is strong enough to sell in the market. 

Harry’s actionable advice will help prepare you to write for adults, young adults, and children, as well as narrative non-fiction and memoirs. 

This new edition provides exciting extra resources perfect for all writers: from an ideas generator, a character builder, plotting worksheet AND self-editing pyramid. Learn to perfect your craft with Harry’s How to Write A Novel. 

‘I should have read this before I started writing! If you are a writer and you would like to polish your craft then read this book’ – Jonathan N, Amazon reviewer  

Getting Published: How to hook an agent, get a deal and build a career you love (2020)

by Harry Bingham

This Number One Bestseller is an intensely practical and actionable guide that will teach you how to get your book published and secure an agent, and it will reveal what to expect after publication. And because Bingham is a writer by trade, this book is actually readable. And funny. And on your side from start to finish. 

‘Harry leads you on this journey with ample doses of both humour and honesty. The result is an engaging and important read that I highly recommend for any authors looking to break into the writing industry’ — Billy W, Amazon reviewer  

52 Letters: A year of advice on writing (2020)

by Harry Bingham

Harry Bingham presents 52 Letters, a year’s worth of advice on writing, editing, getting an agent and much more.  

The perfect companion for all writers, 52 Letters will be that writerly-friend and mentor you’ve always wanted. Lending you a supportive hand and a sprinkle of humour when you need it most. Based on Harry’s ever-popular weekly newsletter, 52 Letters offers a mix of advice, stories, opinion pieces, and some good-old-fashioned literary magic. 

‘These aren’t just 52 Letters—they’re 52 love letters, to and for writers of all stripes and stages of accomplishment’ – John David Mann, NYT bestselling author   

Reading this book will make you a better writer
Courtney P, advanced copy reviewer
Bingham shares his twenty years of experience with the newbie author in a way that is easy to digest and practical to apply
Alice, advanced copy reviewer
Harry’s style is relaxed and conversational, you feel that you are in the company of a trusted friend showing you the way
Michelle, advanced copy reviewer
This book doesn’t read like a writing manual. It’s  a series of intimate letters from a wise mentor, passing along his tips and tricks to improve your writing skills
Velryhorde, amazon reviewer