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Unlock your potential with our creative writing courses

Take your writing to the next level with our range of online creative writing courses for writers of all levels. Learn from industry professionals and unleash your creativity today.
Short & long courses available

Creative Writing Courses

We’ve helped hundreds of people write wonderful books, find agents, and get published. Our courses have the power to change your life, so why not get started today?

Our range of courses include tutored creative writing courses where you’ll work closely with your course leader, and video courses that allow you to work at your own pace. Whether you’re looking for a creative writing course for beginners or one aimed at more experienced writers, with our wide selection, there’s truly something for everyone. You can check out our FAQs here.

Tutored Writing Courses

Transform your writing skills from the comfort of your home with our range of tutored creative writing courses. Learn from respected tutors and receive expert guidance, whether you’re editing a first draft or self-publishing a finished manuscript.

Ultimate Novel Writing Course

Ultimate Novel Writing Course

Our most intensive course will help you write a publishable novel in one year. Suitable for new and experienced writers. From £2950. 12-month course. Runs twice a year.

Self-Edit Your Novel Course

Self-Edit Your Novel Course with Debi Alper

Our most popular course for writers with a finished manuscript who are ready to start editing their own work. £895 (Premium Members save 10%). Six-week course. Runs four times a year.

Simply Self-Publish with Debbie Young

Simply Self-Publish with Debbie Young

Perfect for writers with a polished manuscript who are ready to self-publish successfully. From £995 (Premium Members save 10%). 10-week course. Runs twice a year.

Tutored Writing Courses

Working alongside Professional Writing Academy, we can deliver a range of creative writing courses to suit every writing stage.



Take the first step towards writing your book with this interactive course. Suitable for new writers. £900 (Premium Members save 10%). 8-week course.



Harness your creativity in this short course designed for intermediate writers. £495 (Premium Members save 10%). 4-week course.



The perfect course if you have a draft that’s ready to be edited the professional way. £1980 (Premium Members save 10%). Eighteen-week course.

Online Video Courses: Creative Writing

Unlock the full potential of your writing with our Premium Membership. Enjoy access to all our video online writing courses, exclusive live events, masterclasses, expert advice, and more – all for as little as £12.50 per month.

Write With Jericho with the Jericho Writers’ Team

Write With Jericho with the Jericho Writers’ Team

Join the Jericho Writers team for a 9-week interactive video course on writing, including weekly peer feedback. Gain valuable insights on pitching, self-editing, and more.

How to Write a Salesable Novel with Harry Bingham

How to Write a Saleable Novel with Harry Bingham

Join Harry Bingham for a 15-hour course on writing a saleable novel with strong characters, flowing prose and a powerful story. Suitable for both new and experienced writers.

The Basics of Writing A Novel – A Six Week course with Becky Hunter

The Basics of Writing A Novel – A Six Week course with Becky Hunter

Learn key novel-writing skills in six weeks with author Becky Hunter. Complete exercises and receive feedback in our course community group.

Writing For Young People with Melvin Burgess

Writing For Young People with Melvin Burgess

In this 2.5-hour course, learn how to write and edit stories for young people with bestselling author Melvin Burgess. Includes interactive worksheets and activities.

Online Video Courses: Publishing Your Book

How to Write a Non-Fiction Proposal with Eli Keren

How to Write a Non-Fiction Proposal with Eli Keren

With the help of literary agent Eli Keren, this five-week course will guide you in transforming your non-fiction idea into a publisher-ready proposal.

Introduction to Self-Publishing with Gwyn GB

Introduction to Self-Publishing with Gwyn GB

Indie expert Gwyn GB offers an eight-hour video course teaching the basics of self-publishing, perfect for both novice and experienced authors.

Getting Published with Harry Bingham

Getting Published with Harry Bingham

This ten-hour course offers a complete guide to traditional publishing and is suitable for writers of all levels, from novice to experienced.

Amazon Ads for Authors with Nicholas Erik

Amazon Ads for Authors with Nicholas Erik

This 12-hour in-depth course is designed for self-published authors who want to learn how to harness the power of Amazon Ads to promote their books.

The Jericho instructors are excellent, there’s no doubt about that […] Always very encouraging and inspiring. The course also allowed me to connect with several other wonderful writers.
Dinnah R, Premium Member
The course was an amazing opportunity to become part of a supportive group of fellow writers who offered bith encouragement and helpful advice, and suggestions on my WIP.
Sue C, Premium Member
Thank you. Your course helped me so much. I just hope the members will keep in touch.
Bridget K, Premium Member
The encouragement to share work for feedback made the course very practical and rewarding.
Kelsang K, Premium Member
Many of the videos brought something of that uniqueness to it – just a way that person saw something that most people don’t think about.
Jacqueline K, Premium Member

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Frequently asked


How do I pick the creative writing course that’s right for me?

If you’re at a beginner level, or it’s been a while since you’ve written anything, we’d advise you to start with a shorter, less demanding course such as Jumpstart Your Novel. If you’re more experienced, then do feel free to dive in at the top end and explore our Simply Self-Publish Course, or the Ultimate Novel Writing Course. If in doubt, book a call with our Courses team. They’re there to help you make the right choice.


How do online writing courses work?

Easily! We offer a mixture of written and video tutorials, and live webinars if you’re participating in one of our tutored creative writing courses. On most of our courses you will be set some kind of homework task (or tasks) each week, for you to upload and receive feedback from either your fellow students or your course tutor. With our tutored courses, you’ll also get regular, direct feedback from the course tutor.


What will I get from a creative writing course?

Our online video courses will give you some basic tools for structuring and analysing your work. We also hope that these video courses will unlock your own creativity and inspire you to take your creative writing more seriously.

With our more advanced courses, you will probably already be at least part-way through your manuscript. You’ll be familiar with the basic elements of craft (plotting, character development, prose style, etc), but you’ll be ready for a deeper dive into those topics and more relentless analysis of your work. Your own writing skills will certainly improve, but we would expect your manuscript to emerge from the process much stronger as well.

And please note that our courses focus on creative writing – novels, short stories, children’s fiction, and creative non-fiction. If your writing interests are more technical (eg: academic writing), our courses are probably not right for you.


I’m not in the UK. Can I still take one of your courses?

Of course. We have a highly international client base and very much welcome the diversity of voices across all of our writing courses.


Are your courses well-suited to those whose first language is not English?

Possibly not. Our courses are focused on creative writing, not language study. If you want to improve your written or spoken English, we recommend a course chosen for that exact purpose (it’s not something we do.) But if your English is already strong, you should have no difficulty getting a lot from our courses.


Do I need to be technically savvy to take one of your online courses?

Not really. If you’re reasonably comfortable with the Internet, and using tools such as Facebook, you’ll have no difficulty. If you are a little older and nervous of the online environment, you may want to talk to us before signing up.


Do people really get published as a result of taking your writing courses?

No. They get published as a result of writing a really excellent manuscript – which we may have helped with a little along the way. For what it’s worth, around one third of our Ultimate Novel Writing students last year secured full manuscript requests from literary agents, and many students from across our courses have gone on to be published or successfully self-publish their books.


Do I get feedback from a tutor or my fellow students?

With our tutored courses, you will receive feedback from both your tutor and fellow students. Our workshop environment is supportive, collaborative, and focused. That means you’ll also be getting constructive feedback from your fellow students – and offering your thoughts on their work on their as well.

With our online video-led courses, you can choose between purely self-paced courses, that don’t require homework, and peer-to-peer courses where you’ll be getting feedback from other students, and learning to give it too.


I’m interested in your Ultimate Novel Course. Is that the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Creative Writing?

Well, yes and no. Our courses don’t confer any kind of academic qualification. However, the Ultimate Novel Writing Course is for people who are very serious about getting their work written to the highest possible standard and, ideally, published. Publishers just don’t mind whether someone has a Masters or not. They care whether a manuscript is strong enough to sell commercially.

We’ve designed our Ultimate Novel Writing course to give you a greater depth of mentoring than you find on typical Masters courses, and we are also much more open to genre fiction. (We still love literary fiction too, of course.) We’re serious about the study of plot and structure, but we are also serious about giving you the tools and industry connections needed to get published or self-publish your work successfully. Again, these are areas where many or even most Masters degrees are lacking.