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Idea Generator Worksheet: Free Worksheet For Authors

Even the greatest of writers draw a blank when trying to come up with the next great story idea. This is why we have created our FREE idea generator worksheet to kickstart your imagination!

Download Our FREE Idea Generator Worksheet

We have created a simple-to-use worksheet, a downloadable pdf you can view on your laptop, phone, or even print out and fill in, helping you come up with the perfect story ideas.

Whether you are stuck with your plot, characters, setting, or theme, our worksheet is ideal for every type of writer – from professionals to those just starting out on their writing journey.


How To Use Our FREE Idea Generator Worksheet

Our idea generator includes inspiring questions and space for you to jot down your ideas based on your hero, settings, challenges or themes.

Starting with our ingredients worksheet, we ask you about the things you love, listing a variety of places from which you can find inspiration (we list more below too).

From that list you can then start to build your characters and settings, pondering on literature themes that apply to your new idea.

After that, we provide a compilation worksheet where you get to share all the brainstorming from earlier and start thinking about how to touch upon all these components in your new story.

Then simply review your findings, and discover what wonderful story is waiting to be written by you!

Who Can Use Our Worksheets?

Writing is for everyone.

Whether you are looking to help teachers in the classroom inspire kids, searching for a writing resource for students, or simply require a new tool to help you with ideas for your creative writing – our idea generator worksheet will get you thinking, providing a framework from which to start filling in the blank spaces of your story.

The Importance Of Imagination

Try to write fiction without using your imagination…


Although some may argue there’s no such thing as a truly original idea, every single story idea you have will be unique to YOU. This is why it’s so important to follow your instincts and focus on the kind of stories you enjoy writing.

But tapping into your imagination is not like turning on a tap. Sometimes it’s really hard to get those stories flowing…

Writer’s Block

Even the most successful of writers get writer’s block.

Whether you are struggling with a current project, or trying to come up with brand new ideas, many of us have found ourselves staring at a blank page for hours. But luckily there are plenty of ways to kick-start our imagination.

Where To Find Inspiration

Here are some fun and easy ways to start thinking about a subject to write about or interesting themes to explore. See where your muse takes you!

Writing Prompts: Random Pictures And Words

Writing prompts are the best way to start writing without knowing where your story is going to take you.

There are lots of online sites that automatically select random names, images, or words that may spark an idea. This website, full of random prompt generations, is really easy to use and ideal for those wanting to improve their creative writing.

You don’t need to be online to use the same technique, though. Simply pick up a magazine, close your eyes, and point at a photo and sentence. Then use them as inspiration for your next short story, poem or book.

Go For A Walk

Look around you, at your street, nature, or the people that walk by. Or sit in a cafe and listen in on people’s conversations. You never know what ideas will come to you when you’re going about your day.

Mix It Up

Take two or three of your favourite books and mix them up, change the setting, change the time period, or add some new characters. What do you get?

What would a book mash-up of Romeo and Juliet, 1984, and Life of Pi look like? A couple escaping a dystopian regime by boat who are doomed to fall in love but die at the end?

What about mixing together Wuthering Heights, Gone Girl, and The Handmaid’s Tale – but set in the 1970s in the UK?

Straight away the mind starts whirring into action!

Go Back To Your Unfinished Stories

Every writer has a notebook (or 100) full of story ideas. Maybe you have some half-finished books on your laptop or some notes on your phone. Go back to old work and see if you can breathe new life into it. Or mix the stories up, as above, by either adding new ideas or combining more than one story idea together.

Take A Break

Stop writing. This may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the best thing a creative person can do is take a break.

It’s often in the moments where we stop and rest our brains (bedtime, taking a shower, going for a walk) that our minds get flooded with great ideas.

Get The Most Out Of Our FREE Idea Generator Worksheet

Coming up with new ideas for your creative fiction can be fun. Our worksheets will help spark ideas in a fun and easy way. Simply download the pdf worksheets above, brainstorm some ideas based on the questions we ask, and then fill in the blanks.

There’s no limit as to the number of times you can use our idea generator.

Time To Focus And Get Writing!

So whether you need to work on developing your plot, coming up with a new setting, or simply require a spark of an idea to set you off on your writing adventure, we hope this information and our FREE download help you discover a whole new world of fantastic story ideas!