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Creativity For Writers: How To Find Inspiration

Say goodbye to writer’s block with this four-week long, interactive, online creative writing course.

Foster your creativity and find inspiration with

Finding (and keeping) that initial spark of inspiration can be one of the most exciting, and one of the most challenging, parts of writing. With this four-week long creative writing course, you’ll work with a small group of writers and an expert tutor to develop your own personal writing inspiration toolbox.

By the end of the course, you’ll have honed your imagination, developed your skills, and learned about the psychology and neuroscience behind creativity.

This course is delivered with our education partner, Professional Writing Academy.

This course at a glance:

A Four-Week Course

Ideal for writers at an intermediate level

Flexible Online Learning

A variety of weekly content

A Writing Community

With peer-to-peer feedback

Creativity For Writers Course Syllabus

Session 1: Start Your Journey to Creativity

In the first session, you’ll tap into your innate creativity as you learn how to draw inspiration from the world around you. You’ll choose an idea to develop over the next month and share it with the group to foster discussion.

You’ll explore your psychological make-up and learn about the ways in which it can both stimulate and hinder your creativity. You’ll also source new ideas from universal needs, fears, and experiences.

There’ll be a live, one hour group Zoom call with your course tutor as you learn how to form ideas based on certain problems and obstacles. Then you’ll take the first steps in fleshing out your idea and get some feedback on it.

Session 2: Take a Leap

Learn how to problem-solve, cultivate the power of your imagination, and commit to your ideas at this next stage of the course.

You’ll experiment with constraints as you harness your imagination and figure out which methods work for you.

You’ll receive advice on making choices and committing to ideas, while remembering that you can always make adjustments later. You’ll choose one or two ideas to explore in greater depth.

You’ll approach your idea with new eyes as you identify some of the problems with it, and share it with your peers and tutor for feedback as you problem-solve.

Session 3: Overcome Your Struggles

In the third session, you’ll learn how to integrate creativity into your daily routine.

You’ll learn how rituals work and how to establish some creative rituals that work for you.

You’ll explore the benefits that inhabiting a fun and curious mindset can have on producing new ideas. You’ll also learn some ways to remain creative while navigating more challenging moments.

You’ll learn to embrace failure and remember that it’s a part of life and creativity. There will also be a live one-hour group Zoom session with your tutor as you discuss what you’ve learned, develop your idea, and provide one another with feedback.

Session 4: Make Creativity Happen

In the final session, you’ll use everything you’ve learned throughout the course to work on your creative task and produce a final submission (a maxium of 2,000 words in length), a reflection on your personal creative process (up to 200 words), and a list of the habits you’ll take away from the course.

Your tutor will advise you on the value of having a writing community to bounce ideas off of, and provide some tips for navigating common barriers.

You’ll also have one final opportunity to ask your tutor some questions and share your work with your peers and tutor for feedback.

Your tutor will provide some brief written feedback on your final assignment at the end of the course.


Creativity For Writers Course 2024

Start date: 13 May 2024
Duration: 4 weeks
Skill level: Intermediate
Session frequency: Weekly
Sessions: 4
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Your Tutor: Francesco Dimitri

Francesco Dimitri is a prize-winning author of fiction and non-fiction whose work has been published in several languages. He’s also a screenwriter and comic book script writer.

Francesco has worked as an executive and corporate trainer with large European organisations. Within that role, he helped businesses develop the skills needed to face the creative and psychological challenges of work and life.

He was on the faculty of the School of Life and is deemed one of the foremost fantasy novelists in Italy.

Why choose this course?

Flexible learning The course fits in easily with your lifestyle as well providing regular deadlines to keep you motivated. With lifetime access to the course materials, you can come back for reminder lessons whenever needed

Direct tutor feedback on your work Your tutor will be on hand throughout the course to provide guidance and feedback via our dedicated ‘Ask Me Anything’ forum. You’ll also receive written feedback from your tutor on your final story assignment

Weekly peer-to-peer feedback You’ll get regular input from your peers and and opportunity to spark ideas through lively forum discussions

Learn from the experts Your tutor will run two hour-long Zoom group sessions to help you develop your creative practice

Small class sizes With no more than 15 people per course, you’re guaranteed to receive personalised attention from your tutors and classmates

A community of writers As you discuss your work with others and provide feedback on your peers’ work, you’ll form a strong community with your fellow writers that could last a lifetime.

State-of-the-art learning technology Our virtual learning environment delivers content in the most accessible and enjoyable way possible, as used by our Ultimate Novel Writing Course students

Gain publishing industry knowledge Our tutors are all working writers which means you’ll get insight to the ins and outs of the publishing world as you learn

Create an established writing practice By the end of the course, you’ll understand the psychology behind creativity, have the tools and confidence you need to overcome writer’s block, hone your observation and problem-solving skills, and find inspiration everywhere.

CPD Accreditation

This course has been independently accredited for its quality and integrity.

It reaches high, globally recognised CPD standards and benchmarks for active learning that develops competence, professional skills, and a rich understanding of the content.

I found Francesco to be very supportive and interesting. I’m now 15,000 words into the new book, and happy with what I’ve done so far, so I can safely say the course was a success!
Roz Watkins, author of the acclaimed DI Meg Dalton series

Frequently asked


Who is this course for?

The Creativity For Writers course will benefit writers and non-writers alike.

It’s ideal for writers working in all genres and formats, anyone seeking ideas and inspiration, those interested in creative problem-solving, and anyone seeking to explore their creativity.

This course is suitable if any of the following applies to you:

  • You’re navigating writer’s block, or are in the middle of a project and would like some new perspectives
  • You’d like to feel more inspired as a writer and are eager to expand your range of ideas
  • You’d like to see where curiosity takes you and explore the depths of your imagination
  • You’re eager to develop your problem-solving skills
  • You want to experiment with new creative techniques
  • You’d like to experience peer feedback and benefit from the structure that deadlines provide
  • You’d like to work in a small, friendly, supportive group of like-minded learners
  • You’re able to dedicate 3-5 hours of your time each week in order to complete the assignments

What will this course teach me?

During the course, you will learn:

  • How to cultivate your imagination and evaluate your ideas
  • How to sharpen your observational skills so that you begin to see ideas everywhere
  • How to embrace failure and learn from it
  • How to develop your problem-solving skills and approach problems with a new perspective
  • You will learn about the skills required to make your ideas a reality
  • How to commit to deadlines and use them to your advantage
  • How to explore your ideas in depth
  • How to give effective feedback to others and how to use feedback to your advantage
  • How to assess, improve, and craft your writing

Where can I find the full course syllabus?

You can find the syllabus here. If you have any more questions about the course, please do get in touch by emailing


Is this a Jericho Writers’ course?

We’re delivering this course in partnership with Professional Writing Academy. You can find out more about them here. Within 7 working days after paying for the course, you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the course, along with the prospectus. Then on the Friday before the course starts we will send you a login so you can enrol on the platform and find some getting started information and an icebreaker exercise to complete before Session 1 opens on the Monday morning.

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