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October Member Events

We’re delighted to be bringing you a month of events giving you the tools to build your book. With sessions on character, plotting and dialogue, we have a lineup aimed to inspire, develop and polish your work.

Friday October 1 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

Plotting and Planning to Build Suspense with Jack Jordan

How do you keep a reader gripped from your opening page? How do you build tension and keep the stakes high? Join bestselling thriller writer, Jack Jordan, to find out how he plans, plots, researches, and crafts his books.

Monday October 4 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

Developing a Character Through a Series

We no longer write the Miss Marples or Maigrets whose characters remain the same from book to book. Today’s protagonists fall in and out of love, are hurt or injured and age. Elly Griffiths and William Shaw discuss how to create a character arc, not just for a novel, but for a long series.

Wednesday 6 October 19.00 BST/ 19.00 EDT

Like Talking, But Better with Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry is one of the most distinctive prose stylists working today, due to his puckish flair for storytelling and his delightfully loquacious characters. He joins Jericho’s Drew Broussard for a look at how to make your characters’ dialogue sing (or crash, or amble).

Friday 8 October 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

Plotting for People Who Hate Plotting with Holly Dawson

Are you stressing over structure, trembling about timelines, forgetting the point of point of view, and letting that narrative twist get you in a twist? Then this hands-on, action-packed workshop is for you. Take off your writer head and unleash your inner plotter. 

Sunday 10 October 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

Tiling your Writing Like a Mosaic with S. Qiouyi Lu

S. Qiouyi Lu’s debut novella, In the Watchful City, is an ambitious entry into the annals of mosaic novels: books that use different forms of storytelling to create a cohesive whole. S. joins Jericho’s Drew Broussard to discuss making a book out of variable structures, how writing in different modes can reveal new facets of story, divining your plot with help from the Tarot, and more.

Friday 15 October 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

The Science of Writing Characters with Kira-Anne Pelican

In this hour long workshop you will learn how to create complex, believable and memorable characters by using the Big Five personality dimensions and 30 facets of personality. Bring along your ideas about the character you are currently developing and be prepared to put them through their paces.

Monday October 18 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

Developing Characters when Writing Multiple POVs with Yasmin Rahman

This workshop will focus on developing characters and voices when writing in multiple points of view. Learn how to make sure your characters are distinct enough to leap off the page, and how to manage juggling writing multiple voices.

Tuesday October 19 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

Go Big, Build A World with Benjamin Percy

World-building isn’t just for epic fantasy or star-crossed science-fiction: it can matter right here on Earth, too. Benjamin Percy joins Jericho’s Drew Broussard to discuss his new cycle of three novels (The Comet Cycle, beginning with The Ninth Metal), how he layers hints and foreshadowing for future works, and what it takes to describe a world that’s almost (but not quite) our own.

Thursday 21 October 19.00 BST/ 19.00 EDT

Look Who’s Talking with Debi Alper

Dialogue is an essential tool in the novelist’s kit – but it’s only one of them. In this session, we’ll be looking at how to make dialogue work for you, how to make characters’ voices sound distinctive and how to balance the dialogue with prose.

Saturday 23 October 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

What they said… Writing Direct Speech in Children’s Books with Zoe Antoniades

It’s ok to write ‘said’ – it’s what they actually say that’s important. Explore how to bring children’s book characters and scenes to life with authentic, engaging and entertaining dialogue with author Zoe Antoniades.

Monday 25 October 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo with Sarah Ann Juckes, Elizabeth Haynes and Rachael Herron

Get ready for the most productive month in a writer’s calendar – National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Join top authors and previous NaNo winners as they reveal the hints, tips and cheats you need to turbo charge your November and write an entire novel in just thirty days.

Wednesday 27 October 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

Ten Steps to Creating Compelling Characters with Cesca Major

Character is key to commercial fiction. This practical hour-long workshop with author of The Thin Place, Cesca Major, is guaranteed to help you create and develop your own characters and even kick-start a whole new novel idea too!

Friday 29 October 19.00 BST/ 14.00 EDT

Scripting Dialogue with Jen Silverman

Jen Silverman knows a thing or two about the power of good dialogue: she’s a playwright and screenwriter in addition to being an author, and she joins Jericho’s Drew Broussard for an exploration of how scripted dialogue can help elevate prose dialogue and how screenwriting can change your prose for the better.

November Member Events

This month we’re zooming in on two essentials: writing and editing. Learn how to write beautiful sentences, take editorial feedback, hear from the brain behind ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’, and much more!

Thursday 4 November, 16.00 GMT

Member ‘Ask Us Anything’ Zoom event

Join us for our second ‘Ask Us Anything’ event taking place on ZOOM! This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow members from around the world and say ‘hello’ via webcam. 

Friday 5 November, 19.00 GMT

Demystifying the Editorial Process with Lauren Sills

What exactly does an editor do? What is the difference between a copyedit and a proofread? Here we will break the whole editorial process down so that you can feel confident in what to expect.

Monday 8 November, 19.00 GMT

Reschedule: Twitter for Authors with Julie Owen-Moylan

Are you clueless about Twitter? Discover the dos and the dont’s of successful tweeting so that you have fun with it and feel more comfortable. Find out how to build a following and connect with like-minded people while using Twitter as a valuable part of your author platform.

Thursday 11 November, 19.00 GMT

Simon & Schuster Digital – Partnership Event

Are you ready to submit your book? Are you frantically trying to whip it into shape? Join us in conversation with Simon & Schuster’s editorial team to learn what they’re looking for in advance of our One Day open submission partnership. 

Monday 15 November, 19.00 GMT

Eats, Shoots and Leaves Live with Lynne Truss

Join us for a conversation with grammar expert and writer of all things from sport journalism to crime fiction and more, Lynne Truss. You’re likely to remember Truss’s seminal book on punctuation, Eats, Shoots and Leaves, well this is your chance to ask the author your burning questions, for writing advice and to tackle those niggling punctuation issues.

Wednesday 17 November, 19.00 GMT

Crafting Beautiful Sentences with Anna Bailey

So much of improving as a writer comes from reading. Choose an author whose prose you really admire – pick a short scene of theirs and write something similar with your own characters, paying attention to the language the author uses and considering why it works in the context.

Tuesday 23 November, 19.00 GMT

Tidy Up Your Prose with Benjamin Dreyer

A copy editor is a writer’s best friend and every writer should be lucky to have a copy editor like Benjamin Dreyer, Copy Chief at Penguin Random House, on their side. Join Benjamin and Jericho’s Drew Broussard for a conversation about what a copy editor does and some tips and tricks for how to tidy up your prose!

Tuesday 26 November, 19.00 GMT

Making Prose Poetic with Sam Riviere

Prose and poetry are delightful forms in and of themselves, but there’s magic to be found in blending them together. Join poet and author Sam Riviere and Jericho’s Drew Broussard for a conversation about writing poetry, writing prose, and how tapping your poetic sensibilities can elevate your language and change your writing.

Members Love Our Events

The Crime/Psychological Thrillers webinar tonight was incredibly helpful and entertaining throughout. Whoever booked it: great casting! And to Anna, that was a masterclass in moderating — engaging, organic, energetic, and beautifully balanced and clear.

J.E Seuk

Jericho Writers Member
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Quotation Mark Quotation Mark

Previous Member Event Highlights

Members can catch up with any previous events via replay. Here is a selection of some of our favourite previous events.

Your Submission Package with Mushens Entertainment

Superstar agents Juiet Mushens and Silé Edwards from Mushens Entertainment joined us to answer everything you ever wanted to know about how to hook an agent.

Ask an Editor Anything

Tanya Byrne is an award-winning YA author. As an editor and mentor, she is passionate about encouraging writers from marginalised backgrounds to tell their own stories. In this session, she joined us to answer anything about editing.

Holly Seddon In Conversation with Ruth Ware

International best-selling authors Holly Seddon and Ruth Ware joined us to discuss everything from writing and publishing to film, TV and translation. A must-watch for all buddding thriller writers.

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