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January Events

New year, new writing. We’re starting 2022 with a bang by bringing you a month of generating new ideas! Explore hitting story beats, writing dynamic scenes, using setting or yourself as character, and finish the month with a new idea.

Emma Cooper

5 January, 19.00 GMT

How to Hit Story Beats in Commercial Fiction with Emma Cooper

Join bestselling author Emma Cooper for a relaxed and informal session discussing what a story beat is, and how identifying and hitting your own key beats will elicit the biggest emotional response from your readers as well as tightening your structure and pace.

6 January, 16.00 GMT

Member ‘Ask Us Anything’ Zoom event

Join us for our regular ‘Ask Us Anything’ event taking place on ZOOM. This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow members from around the world and say ‘hello’ via webcam. Please note there is a 100 participant limit on this session.

Passcode: JWmember

11 January, 19.00 GMT

Writing Dynamic Scenes with Amita Murray

What are the elements of a scene? How do setting, action, dialogue and exposition all come together to make a scene? A scene is the perfect opportunity for the reader to enter your story and live in the world you’ve created. It gives them the chance to watch the story unfold and it’s a great moment for you to raise the tension. Join this workshop to write compelling scenes and see how they fit in a story arc.

20 January, 19.00 GMT

Setting as Character with Lorraine Wilson

Settings are not simply the background to our stories, they are a presence which shapes our characters’ actions, psychology and experiences. By deepening our understanding of the environments around our characters we can exploit setting to reflect our character’s inner journeys, add subtext and atmosphere, and immerse the reader in a fully realised world.

25 January, 19.00 GMT

Autofiction: Write Your Own Experiences Into Your Fiction with Anna Vaught

Are you wondering how you may draw on your own experience to provide subject matter for your fiction? Using examples from her work and others’ texts, Anna will explore examples and look at ways in which you might incorporate autobiographical elements, how you might subvert and play with them and, where the material is sensitive for you, how you might look after yourself in the process.

27 January, 19.00 GMT

New Ideas Hour – Children’s Book Special with Sarah Ann Juckes

Back by popular demand, this fun, interactive session will give you timed creative writing prompts specifically designed to spark a brilliant new story for children. We’ll also look at what makes a ‘good’ idea for this market. Bring a pen and paper to this one, and get ready to share any work you do write in the chat or community afterwards.

31 January, 19.00 GMT

The Crazy Busy Cure with Zena Everett

There are 168 hours in the week, but why is it so hard to find time to write? ​​​​​​​This popular masterclass by Zena Everett, author of Amazon category best-seller The Crazy Busy Cure, will help you to understand what (or who) is getting in your way. You’ll leave with fresh ideas to be more productive, inspired and focused.

February Events

Writing can be a lonely pastime, so in this month of love we’re all about community and outreach. Visit the magical lands of bookshops and literary festivals, find out what sales teams do, and learn how you can go from podcast to published.

1 February, 19.00 GMT

Sales Teams and How They Work with Mark Stay and Marcus Sedgwick

The role of the Sales Team is crucial in the success of a book. Just because a book is published, it doesn’t mean it will reach the shelves. This session will give a full overview of the process and give you tips and tricks to make your book stand out from the crowd and make it to the shelves… or even that window display!

10 February, 19.00 GMT

From Podcast to Published

Podcaster turned author Francesca Specter discusses how she launched her own independent podcast in 2019 and used it to establish a platform around her lifestyle concept, Alonement – which celebrates positive solitude. She’ll discuss how her podcast allowed her to network, and how this show was an invaluable resource when seeking a book deal for ‘Alonement: How To Be Alone & Absolutely Own It’. 

15 February, 19.00 GMT 

Ask a Bookseller Anything

Bookshops can be magical. For book lovers, speaking to equally passionate booksellers about the books they love and recommend brings undeniable joy. There is, however, lots we don’t know about this part of the industry. How do they choose what to order? Who chooses the window displays? Who decides what goes on the table? How do they work with sales teams as well as authors directly? Come armed with questions as we ask booksellers from smaller and larger outfits all about their bookselling experience.

24 February, 19.00 GMT

Literary Festivals with Cristina Fuentes and Catherine Riley

Literary Festivals are some of the most wonderful events for book lovers, but how do they work? Who chooses the lineup? How do you ensure all tastes and needs are met? How has the pandemic changed the way we present live events? We’ll be joined by the directors of Hay Festival and Primadonna to answer these questions and to find out how you can get one step closer to appearing at a Literary Festival near you.

March Events

Getting Published month is back! Find here everything you need to get that coveted publishing deal. Perfect your pitch, tackle the dreaded synopsis, learn about the state of the industry, and ask a 2022 debut author anything.

1 March, 19:00 GMT

How To Perfect Your Pitch and Get An Agent with the Jericho Team

Having a professional champion of your work can change the game completely. Ask Sophie Flynn and Sarah Ann Juckes anything about their experience in doing this and find out their top tips for creating a perfect pitch that’ll grab any (sensible) agents’ attention.

3 March, 19.00 GMT

Tackling the Dreaded Synopsis with Cressida Downing

“Sum up your work of lovingly created art into a mere page of pithy plot points!” Why everyone finds writing a synopsis a nightmare, why they are important, what you can learn from your synopsis problems, and how to become accomplished at writing them.

4 March, 19:00 GMT

All About Conflict with Adrienne Dines

Creating conflict is key… Stories happen when conflict has to be addressed. It affects plot, structure, beginnings, endings and everything in between. Storytellers need to create credible conflicts – external/ internal/ physical/ psychological/ spiritual – and we need to know what happens next. Let’s look at how to create conflict that makes for great stories.

7 March, 19.00 GMT

Query Letter Masterclass with Silé Edwards

Agents receive hundreds (if not thousands) of query letters a year. Making yours pitch perfect is a real art, and we’re bringing in top agent Silé Edwards from one of the UK’s most successful agencies – Mushens Entertainment to show you how to make yours sing. We’ll cover elevator pitches, comparisons, and descriptions as well as dissecting a letter from an author she’s signed!

8 March, 19:00 GMT

Book Doctor Surgery with Debi Alper and Emma Darwin

This is your chance to ask for feedback on any area of your story. Got a worry about characters? Plot? Genre? Or any part of the submission process? As authors themselves, Emma and Debi know the industry from both sides, having also edited hundreds of novels over the years.

10 March, 19.00 GMT

From Slushpile to Publication Deal with Laure Van Rensburg

In this workshop, debut author Laure Van Rensburg will share her path to publication and top tips on how to make your submission stand out from the slushpile and grab an agent’s attention.

14 March, 19:00 GMT

Slushpile Live with Susan Yearwood and Jessica Errera

Ever wondered what a literary agent thinks when they open your cover letter? Want to get live feedback on yours? Now is your chance to hear from two top agents: Susan Yearwood and Jessica Errera.

16 March, 19.00 GMT

Resilience Coaching with Siobhan Curham

Learn the tools and techniques Siobhan has used to stay focused and resilient. You will learn how to redefine writing success on your own terms, overcome limiting beliefs, write with the joy and imagination of a child, and reframe setbacks and rejections as stepping stones to success.

18 March, 19:00 GMT

The State of the Industry Panel with HarperCollins, Sandstone and Catapult

The publishing industry is at best enigmatic and at worst, baffling. Join us for a panel event with publishers from larger and smaller outfits to discuss the industry: what’s working, what’s not, and the lasting effects the pandemic has had on business. Come armed with questions!

21 March, 19.00 GMT

Finance for Authors (AKA why you can’t quit the day job just yet) with Sarah Bonner

Learn about advances (estimating actual payments, and why you probably can’t quit your day job), royalties (schedules and advance earn out), whether you need an accountant (probably, but they don’t need to cost the earth), and more! 

22 March, 19:00 GMT

Take the Cringe Out of Author Branding with Anna Caig

Does the idea of becoming an ‘author brand’ for your book marketing make you cringe? If so, you’re not alone – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Communications specialist Anna Caig will talk about how an effective author brand acts as the solid foundation on which your book promotion is built, and how this enables you to find readers who will appreciate and love your work. 

24 March, 19.00 GMT

Ask A 2022 Debut Author Anything with Chloe Ashby, Alison Rumfitt, Nikki May and Sasha Fletcher

We’re bringing four of 2022’s most exciting debut novelists from the UK and USA together to discuss their varied experiences in getting published and launching a book. Come armed with questions for them!

April Events

It’s that time of year again – welcome to Self-Publishing month! Find out whether you should self-publish, learn the tools of the trade, and come armed with questions for scarily successful self-published authors.

1 April, 19.00 GMT

Should I Self-Publish? with Gwyn GB

Are you considering self-publishing? Join indie writer Gwyn GB for a frank discussion to help you decide if going solo is right for you. Gwyn will consider the pros and cons, the skills and mindset you will need to be successful, and the practicalities of running your own publishing business.

4 April, 19.00 GMT

Building An Author Website with Gerald Hornsby

Every author who wishes to develop their writing career should have some form of online presence – your own space on the internet, where you can engage with your audience and promote your work. In this online session, you will learn the best and most affordable ways of creating your own website.

8 April, 19.00 GMT

Launching a Boutique Press with Sara Gran

Have you ever wanted to start your own publishing imprint? Author of eight novels, Sara Gran, is launching new indie press Dreamland Books and she’s going all-in: her press’s first book is her own newest novel! Join Sara and Jericho’s Drew Broussard for a conversation about moving from author to publisher and about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of deciding to do it for herself.

11 April, 19.00 GMT

Branding and Self-Marketing for Self-Published Authors with Anna Caig

Too often, authors doing their own marketing feel like they’re shouting into a vacuum. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This session combines author branding with exploring your creative inspirations and the unique perspective you bring to your work – and how this insight can be used to form meaningful connections with readers who will want to read your books. 

14 April, 19.00 GMT

‘School Girl Errors’: Mistakes Career Authors Should Avoid

Lots of authors and teachers can tell you what you should do to publish a book, but what are those career limiting decisions and mistakes that can cut your self-publishing journey off before it’s started? Find out from rebel podcaster Sacha Black!

15 April, 19.00 GMT

In Conversation with Silverwood

Choosing the right Self-Publishing company is very important. It’s the decision that can make you as an author, but also break you. We’ll be asking two Self-Publishing services about what they do, why they do it and how you can get your work noticed. We’ll talk money, marketing and publicity. Come armed with your questions! 

19 April, 19.00 GMT

Traditional Vs Self-Publishing with Harry Bingham

Should you publish with a traditional publisher or go it alone? There’s a stack of things to consider, including what kind of book you have, what your aspirations are, and what kind of outcomes you want. Harry has successfully published via both routes and will help you decide what’s right for you.

21 April, 19.00 GMT

Book Cover Design with Jessica Bell

Book cover design is one of the most important things to consider when self-publishing a book, and can really separate the wheat from the chaff. Join award-winning designer Jessica Bell to find out what makes a cover stand out, how to choose the right designer and get the most out of your working relationship with them.

23 April, 19.00 GMT

How To Generate Publicity for Self-Published authors with Lori Hettler

You’ve settled on a cover design, your book’s been edited, you’re eager to tell the world about it… but how, exactly, does one do that? Part-presentation / part-conversation, freelance publicist Lori Hettler will talk about how publicity works for self-pubbed and indie-pubbed authors and what every author should know as they approach their release date.

25 April, 19.00 GMT

ALLi ask us anything with Orna Ross and Michael La Ronn

Join Orna Ross and Michael LaRonn for an evening with the Alliance of Independent Publishers. Orna and Michael know everything there is to know about Self-Publishing: what to do, what not to do and how to get your book noticed. Come with a list of your burning questions to put to these experts.

27 April, 19.00 GMT

Self-Publishing: No Place for Amateurs with Jane Davis

Get top tips from an experienced award-winning self-published author on how to put in place essential building blocks so that your novel has the best chance of success. This one-hour session will provide a high-level overview on how to up your game and make your budget go further, with a focus on style sheet, self-editing, use of beta readers, book cover and layout and author platform.

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The Crime/Psychological Thrillers webinar tonight was incredibly helpful and entertaining throughout. Whoever booked it: great casting! And to Anna, that was a masterclass in moderating — engaging, organic, energetic, and beautifully balanced and clear.

J.E Seuk

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Previous Member Event Highlights

Members can catch up with any previous events via replay. Here is a selection of some of our favourite previous events.

Your Submission Package with Mushens Entertainment

Superstar agents Juiet Mushens and Silé Edwards from Mushens Entertainment joined us to answer everything you ever wanted to know about how to hook an agent.

Ask an Editor Anything

Tanya Byrne is an award-winning YA author. As an editor and mentor, she is passionate about encouraging writers from marginalised backgrounds to tell their own stories. In this session, she joined us to answer anything about editing.

Holly Seddon In Conversation with Ruth Ware

International best-selling authors Holly Seddon and Ruth Ware joined us to discuss everything from writing and publishing to film, TV and translation. A must-watch for all buddding thriller writers.

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