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Getting Published Month

An annual month of online events featuring top literary agents, authors and publishers to help you get your foot in the door. With workshops and opportunities for feedback, you’ll finish the month with a query-ready submission package.
1-29 March
1 month

Need a foot in the publishing door? We’re here to help.

Our annual Getting Published Month connects writers across the world with top agents, publishers and authors through a series of live interactive online events. It’s totally free for Premium Members. If you’re not ready to commit to a full year of Premium Membership, you can join us for Getting Published Month only for just £25 by signing up to our Flex membership.

Watch the replay of the first session

To kick off Getting Published Month, we were joined by literary agents Kiya Evans (Mushens Entertainment) and Silé Edwards (Andrew Nurnberg Associates) to answer your burning publishing questions. Watch the replay right here.

From ‘insider knowledge’ to juicy hints and tips that you’d only find out from listening to an agent or publisher, it was all really invigorating.
Hazel C
Given I spend all day either delivering webinars or in meetings online, the fact that I am keen to jump on at 7pm speaks volumes about the relevance and value of your sessions.
Becki H
It is an amazing experience to feel part of an exchange of views with other Jericho writers and ‘would be’ writers. Writing can be a lonely business but suddenly there are so many others out there with the same queries and opinions!
Barbara M

Getting Published Month: A Premium Member Event

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Your Getting Published Month Line-Up

Join us for a month of events featuring top literary agents, authors and publishers to help you get your foot in the door. With workshops and opportunities for feedback, you’ll finish the month with a query-ready submission package.

Improve your chances of success in one month

The focus of this month is providing you actionable feedback that will see you end the month with a completed submission package and strong opening pages so you can snag that agent or publisher of your dreams. You’ll be invited to share your work each week in our Feedback Friday forums on Townhouse where other members will give you feedback. We’ll also select pieces from each week to be critiqued during live events by the experts.

More than an online event

When you join us as a Premium Member, you’re joining one of the biggest and most welcoming writing communities in the world. Alongside our fantastic array of events, you’ll be able to access all our other benefits including 280+ masterclasses, interactive video courses, AgentMatch, personalised feedback on your query letter, discounted editorial services and much more.

Premium Membership at a glance

Jericho Writers Premium Membership gives you access to:

Weekly Online Events

With guest speakers including authors, editors and literary agents.

280+ Masterclasses

Covering all aspects of writing, publishing and marketing.

Professional Level Video Courses


Our unique agent database.

Expert Member Advice and Community

Exclusive Discounts

Including 10% off Agent One-to-Ones.

Frequently asked


Can I attend the events without being a Premium Member?

No, we hold this event for our Premium Members only. But, you can join us just for the month by taking our a Flex Membership for £25. Once the month is up, you’re free to cancel (though we hope you’ll stay!). It’s more cost effective to join us for a whole year, which you can do here.


I’m not based in the UK. Will Getting Published Month still be worth it for me?

Yes, absolutely. Most events are held at 19:00 GMT but if you can’t make them live, you can always watch on replay. We have members from all over the world and would love for you to join us.


I already have my submission pack ready to go. Will the events be right for me?

Yes, definitely. You’ll have the chance to share what you’re working on with us, and your fellow members, before you send out your queries so that you can polish things up as much as possible. You’ll also hear directly from agents and publishers about what they’re looking for.


I’m not ready to share my work. Do I have to?

No, of course not! Though we encourage all our members to share their work, we understand it’s not for everyone. The best way you can improve your work is by opening it up to feedback, but if you’re not ready for that, that’s fine. You are encouraged to get involved in giving feedback to others but it’s definitely not compulsory!


I’m hoping to self-publish. Will the events be right for me?

This event is primarily aimed at people who are going down a traditional publishing route – whether that’s with the Big Four, small presses, or digital first. However, you’ll learn a huge amount about how to create a decent blurb and appeal to readers during the month, so it could be worth your while attending.  As well as Getting Published Month, our Premium Membership has many resources for those hoping to self-publish, so you’ll definitely find tools to help you on your way.


I have a question that hasn’t been answered. How do I contact you?

You can email us here or fill in our contact form, here.


What’s included in my Premium Membership?

 Your Premium Membership includes unlimited access to:  

  • 280+ hours of Masterclasses; quick tips and replays of past events and workshops, covering all parts of writing, publishing and marketing.   
  • Video Courses. Learn all aspects of writing, publishing and marketing from the experts with our online video courses. Topics covered include Getting Published, Self-Publishing, Novel Writing and more.  
  • Weekly Live Events. Watch live via webinar or catch up later. Simply register for events you like the look of to get a link to watch live in your inbox. 
  • AgentMatch. Our database of every literary agent in the UK, US, Canada and Australia, that makes searching for agents so much easier.   
  • Expert Member Advice.  Get free feedback from our team on your query letter or book a call for support.   
  • Feedback Friday. Get priority access to feedback from our founder, Harry Bingham, in our weekly feedback sessions. 
  • Exclusive Discounts. Get 10% off many of our services including Editorial services, Agent One-to-Ones, and select Tutored Courses.  

What are the different membership options?

We offer two types of membership – Free and Premium.  

Free Membership: join our global community of writers on Townhouse and be the first to hear the latest news with writing newsletters from the Jericho Writers’ Team. 

We offer two membership plans for Premium Membership:  

Annual Premium Membership: This is an annual subscription that costs £150 per year. You can choose to pay in one upfront payment or in 12 monthly instalments. For the full terms and conditions, please see here

Premium Flex Membership: This monthly subscription option gives you full access to our Premium Membership and renews automatically every month for £25, unless you cancel. It can be cancelled at any time, unlike the Annual Premium Membership.   


What happens if I upgraded from a Free Member to the Premium Membership?  

Your login details will remain the same. Now as a Premium Member you can access all elements of your membership via your Dashboard or the My Jericho menu. Your Townhouse posts, groups, forums, messages, and friends will be available to you as before. 


Can I change from a Premium Flex membership to an Annual Premium Membership?

If you subscribed to Jericho Writers as a Premium Flex for a month and have decided to switch to an Annual Premium Membership (pay upfront or monthly installments), please follow these steps:  

  • Go to ‘My Jericho’ in the top right corner of your screen and select ‘My Account’ from the menu. 
  • Click on ‘Subscriptions’ in the drop-down menu. 
  • Click on ‘View’ your active subscription and then on ‘Cancel.’ 
  • Now that your previous subscription is cancelled, you can re-join. You can do so by selecting Annual Premium Membership on the Join Us page. 

Once you have completed the transaction, your new annual membership should begin automatically and will renew every 12 months.