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Philip Womack

Philip Womack - Editor

Philip is the author of The Other Book and The Liberators (Bloomsbury). The Liberators was a Children’s Book of the Year for 2010.

Philip Womack was born in Sussex, and educated at Lancing and Oriel College, Oxford, where he read Classics and English. After graduating, he worked at Literary Review for four years, before becoming freelance in 2008 on publication of his first novel, The Other Book. Six novels for children followed, including The Liberators, The Double Axe and The Arrow of Apollo, and his first non-fiction work for adults, How to Teach Classics to Your Dog, was published in October 2020.

He teaches Creative Writing to BA and MA students at London University, and has been a literary critic for nearly twenty years, as well as a freelance journalist for a variety of national newspapers and magazines, writing on topics such as education and literature, and even an article on pyjamas for Tatler magazine. He is currently on the Management Committee of the Society of Authors and a Contributing Editor to Literary Review.


Find Philip on Twitter here: @WomackPhilip


“Your report played an invaluable role in helping me re-conceptualise this work.”

– Richard K.

“Your report has given me much food for thought and something significant to work on. This was exactly what I was hoping for, so thank you for your thoughts.”

- Walter C.

“Your assessment is really thorough and has given me plenty to work on – It will be a huge help to me in making this book the best I can make it.”

– Andrew McN.

“Your report is far more than I expected or hoped for, and is exactly what I need to turn the book into something more exciting and marketable. I particularly appreciate your ideas for improvement, which I think are brilliant! This is the first time I’ve tried to write a book, and I don’t know anyone who writes or is even remotely linked to the world of publishing, so I’ve just had to hope that I’m heading in the right direction. This means an opinion from someone like you is incredibly valuable to me.”

– Lucy B.

"In receiving my report from Philip, he's given me work to do. Am I up to it? Yes. My goal is the finest work I can produce, with help. It's been a few weeks since I first read it. It marinated in my brain for a while. Now begins the next draft. Thank you Jericho Writers."

- Robert L.


We love reading Philip’s honest and well-informed reports – particularly those he does for children’s authors and sci-fi and fantasy writers. You’ll also find Philip as our lead tutor on our Ultimate Novel Writing Course.


I have been an editor with Jericho for several years, and it’s great to feel that the advice and suggestions one makes help writers on towards their goals, at whatever stage of the writing process they are, whether you’re right at the beginning, or struggling with something in its final throes. Writing is a difficult business, and a friendly, informed, but honest critique can be just the thing someone needs to get going into the publishing world.

I bring intelligence, wide knowledge of the literary landscape, accuracy, experience and a range of literary and pedagogical knowledge to each project, and I hope to be as encouraging as possible, whilst also being alive to the realities of each project. I hope that each of the people that I critique will be able to recognise the key things that they need to do in order to make their work really stand out from the crowd.

Genres Philip specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Crime / Thriller / Action
Science Fiction
Short Stories & novellas
Young Adult
Other Narrative Non-fiction

Philip's published books

The Double Axe (Blood & Fire 1)

The Double Axe (Blood & Fire 1)

The Kings Revenge

The Kings Revenge

The King’s Shadow

The King’s Shadow

The Broken King

The Broken King

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