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Build Your Book Month

Our programme of events helped writers build their books from the ground up during October 2023. Missed out? Join to get access to all the replays.

All the tools you need to build your book from scratch

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Build Your Book Month took place during October 2023. It included sessions on research, world-building, dialogue, and more. The line-up aimed to inspire, develop and polish writer’s work, in an accessible space of time.

The whole month of events is available to catch up through our Masterclass library, exclusively for Premium Members of Jericho Writers. Join now to get access.

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Watch a Taster

We kicked off Build Your Book Month with an incredible session on Generating Ideas with Rosie Fiore. Watch the replay below and then be sure to join us as a Premium Member to enjoy the rest of Build Your Book Month!

Build Your Book 2023 Speakers

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Full Event Programme

Open Event: Generating Ideas

with Rosie Fiore | October 3 | 19.00 BST

How do you find something to write about and how do you know if the concept is any good? Rosie Fiore ran a practical session for both premium and free members alike, in persuading the idea fairy to hand ‘em over…. and showed us how to test an idea to see if it’s robust enough to support a compelling story.

Rosie Fiore

Researching Your Book

with Umi Sinha | October 5 | 19.00 BST

Umi Sinha shared her experience of researching and writing two novels set during the British colonial period and covering major historical events including the Indian rebellion of 1857, the two World Wars and Partition, the methods and resources she used, and finding the balance between historical accuracy, imagination and creativity.

Plotting Your Book

with Melissa Addey | October 10 | 19.00 BST
Why plot? Well, it helps both your productivity and your end quality. But doesn’t it hamper your creative freedom? Not the way we’re going to approach it! Melissa joined us to show how to use an archetypal story structure and create a path for you to follow… but with lots of room for exploration along the way.

Bring Your Characters To Life

with Alice Slater | October 12 | 19.00 BST

How can we make our characters three-dimensional, memorable and believable? Bring your characters to life with a fun, chatty workshop with Alice Slater. We discussed voice, mannerisms, motivation, the internal vs the external, desires – and delusions.

Developing Dialogue

with Awais Khan | October 17 | 19.00 BST

Although short stories can run without any dialogue, novels usually can’t. Hence, dialogue forms an integral part of a novel. In this workshop, we explored four major reasons why dialogue is essential to a novel and ways in which we can write compelling, meaningful dialogue that your reader can engage with.

Editing Your Novel

with Russel McLean | October 20 | 19.00 BST

Do you know the emotional throughline of your story? Does your protagonist’s goal really matter to the reader? And how do you sweat the small stuff to find your voice? Join development editor, Russel McLean, to learn tricks and techniques to help your manuscript stand out from the crowd.

Ask An Agent Anything

with Sam Hiyate and Kiya Evans | October 24 | 19.00 BST

The publishing industry can feel inpenetrable at times. To combat this, we invited literary agents from the UK and USA to answer our Premium Member’s questions.

Book Doctor Surgery Live

with Debi Alper & Emma Darwin | October 26 | 19.00 BST

We’re brought back our editorial experts, Debi Alper and Emma Darwin to answer all our Premium Member’s editing related questions.

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