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Build Your Book Month

A programme of live online events and workshops to help you build your book from the ground up – in just a month. Whatever your genre, we’ve got you covered.

All the tools you need to build your book from scratch

Discover the secrets behind the creation of your favourite books straight from the authors themselves.

Build Your Book Month typically takes place during October each year. It includes sessions on research, world-building, dialogue, and more. The lineup aims to inspire, develop and polish your work, in an accessible space of time.

The whole month of events is available to experience live in October, or afterwards on replay, to Premium Members of Jericho Writers. Find out more about this special event below, or join now to access replay and watch all these events plus hundreds more.

Build Your Book 2022 Speakers

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Full Event Programme

Generating Ideas

with Julia Armfield | October 3 | 19.00 GMT+1

Learn the process of following through on an idea, whether you’re taking inspiration from an existing story, myth or folklore, or working on an idea you barely understand. Julia Armfield will discuss the process of  building scaffolding around the seeds of an idea, turning inspiration on its head to find an original way in, and what to do when an idea doesn’t work as well as you’d hoped.


Plotting and Planning: Making Microsoft Work for You

with Marion Todd| October 6 | 19.00 GMT+1
Join Marion Todd as she takes you through the planning and plotting of her Scottish-based crime series. From the Ideas Bible where she categories the different elements in her books, to plotting on PowerPoint, Marion will explain how to get the best from these programs, including her all-important Excel spreadsheets.

World Building

In Conversation with Saara El-Arifi | October 7 | 19.00 GMT+1

Saara El-Arifi is an adult fantasy author whose debut novel ‘The Final Strife’ was published in June 2022. We’ll be in conversation with Saara to talk about how she builds her fantasy landscapes, how character and language are built and how she expands her world-building over a series of novels.

How to Develop an Original Idea in a Crowded Genre

with Kate Bradley | October 11 | 19.00 GMT+1

Do you struggle to develop a unique idea?  Do you feel frustrated that the best ideas already seem to be taken?  Join Kate Bradley in this interactive workshop as she helps guide you through principles, examples and tips on why it’s vital you’re able to develop an original ideas in an already crowded market.

Researching Your Novel

with Dolen Perkins-Valdez | October 12 | 19.00 GMT+1

Dolen Perkins-Valdez’s book, TAKE MY HAND is inspired by true events that rocked the USA. Her profoundly moving novel about a Black nurse in post-segregation Alabama who blows the whistle on a terrible wrong done to her patient is both beautifully written and meticulously researched. Dolan will be in conversation with Anna to discuss the research process and give you tips and tricks when using true events to inspire your work.

Building Character

with Debi Alper | October 17 | 19.00 GMT+1

Even with the best hook in the world, readers will connect with and remember your novel through the characters you create. In this session we’ll look at developing engaging, well rounded characters and how fleshing out even the most minor players helps bring the entire world in which your story takes place to life.

How to Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

with Robbie Swale | October 18 | 19.00 GMT+1

Whether writing your book or trying to market it, life as an author can be lonely and hard. Join coach and author Robbie Swale for a practical session of tips, advice and inspiration to help you keep going when you think about giving up on writing or marketing your book.

Writing Dialogue

with A.E. Osworth | October 21 | 19.00 GMT+1

Whether your characters are talking to one another across a table or across cyberspace, vibrant and realistic dialogue is crucial to making your story soar. A. E. Osworth (We Are Watching Eliza Bright) will lead a session about honing your written conversations.

Book Doctor Surgery

with Debi Alper and Emma Darwin | October 24 | 19.00 GMT+1

This is your chance to ask for feedback on any aspect of writing or getting published. Got a concern about characters? Plot? Structure? Voice? Genre? Or any part of the submission process? The more specific the question, the more likely we’ll be able to give you a helpful answer.

Working with Feedback

with Rosie Fiore | October 25 | 19.00 GMT+1

So you’ve been edited. You’re staring at pages of editorial notes and a marked-up copy of your manuscript. What comes next? Moving forward can be a daunting prospect. Here are some practical tips to make the most of the redrafting process.

Editing Your Book

with Brian Gresko | October 27 | 19.00 GMT+1

Congratulations, your first draft is done! But your work has only just begun. In this session, we’ll examine editing techniques gleaned from successful, published novelists, and discuss how to maintain enthusiasm, vision, and stamina as you embark on the herculean process of turning your rough draft into a polished manuscript.

Pitch Perfect

with Laura Williams and Debi Alper | October 28 | 19.00 GMT+1

Can you sell your novel in 30 words? We’ll be joined by Laura Williams and Debi Alper to judge your elevator pitches and find out what it takes to be PITCH PERFECT! The winner (decided by the audience) will receive a free 1-1 with an agent who works in their genre.

Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo

with Elsie Granthier, Fiona Longmuir, Valerie Valdez and Eden Royce | October 31 | 19.00 GMT+1

Want to write 50,000 words in one month? NaNoWriMo is waiting for you! Join top authors who used NaNo to work on their now-published books as they reveal the hints, tips and cheats they use to write a novel in thirty days.

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