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Abby Davies

Abby Davies - Editor

Abby Davies is the author of Mother Loves Me (2020) and The Cult (2021), both published by HarperCollins. The Peterborough Telegraph called Abby’s debut ‘a chilling dread-laden thriller’. Chris Whitaker (bestselling author of We Begin at the End) called it ‘Intensely gripping, perfectly paced and thrilling’, and Alex Lake (bestselling author of Seven Days) said, ‘Mother Loves Me is both utterly gripping and totally original.’

She holds a BA English Literature from The University of Sheffield and an MA in Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University. She taught English in all its forms for 13 years before becoming a full-time author. Mother Loves Me was shortlisted for Mslexia Novel Competition 2018.

Abby enjoys many genres but has a penchant for psychological suspense, crime, mystery and YA Dystopia.


Find Abby on Twitter here: @Abby13Richards 


'I appreciate all you have done over the last few weeks and months, and for believing in my output enough to submit it to agents. You've really helped with my confidence and the idea that maybe I can actually write!'

- Mark A.

'I was very pleased to read the thorough and detailed editorial report on my manuscript... I agree with all your suggestions for improvement, and I'm excited at the prospect of making adjustments, rewriting and creating new scenes.'

- Janet W.

'I can’t tell you how pleased I am about your assessment of my writing. It must be the most important hurdle, and if I can write, I can do anything to my novel... Your assessment makes perfect sense, and I believe I know how to fix the problem. I’m going to follow all your advice.'

- Jennifer M.

'Thank you very much indeed for reading my manuscript and for all your constructive comments and thoughts'

- Nick S.

'Abby is currently helping me with my manuscript. I love working with her. Her commentary is apt but kind, and she gives me hope.'

- Jennifer M

'I could not have asked for a more attentive reading of my novel. Abby's commentary was clear and enhanced with many examples to illustrate her points. She leaves you with a strong sense of direction that motivates you to revise your manuscript. With Abby's input, you know where to start and exactly what to do.'

- Anonymous


Abby has an incredible eye for pace and tension, both on a sentence-by-sentence level and across the entirety of your manuscript. She’ll tease out what needs to be done to make a manuscript work, whilst telling you what you’re already doing well. Find out more about Abby and her work as an editor in our interview with her here. Jericho Writers members can also watch her masterclass on Building Mystery and Tension in Your Writing.


As an aspiring writer, I craved the sort of feedback I’m now – rather wonderfully – able to give. I needed intelligent, in-depth scrutiny of my work, to know my strengths and areas for improvement, and above all, ways in which to better those areas. Indeed, the guidance I did receive was invaluable, and certainly helped me to hone my writing skills and take my work to another level. I’m therefore excited to be able to pay this forward and share my passion for writing while having a positive impact on your craft. Furthermore, having taught English for over a decade and written novels for twenty years, I understand writer psychology and can offer honesty and constructive critique alongside a sensitive ear.

Ultimately, my editorial aims are to enhance your work and writing craft while respecting your ideas and preserving your authorial voice.

I love stories involving psychological issues, crime, mystery and gothic/horror elements. I also enjoy dystopian fiction and gravitate towards the topic of dance.

Genres Abby specialises in

Crime / Thriller / Action
Young Adult

Abby's published books

Mother Loves Me

Mother Loves Me

The Cult

The Cult

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