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US Agents For Food & Cookery Books

US Agents For Food & Cookery Books

The food and cookery market remains a dependable corner of the book market.

Agents Representing Food And Cookery Books

There are plenty of cookery-loving agents but finalising your agent shortlist can be a painstakingly long, dull task. Unless you’re using AgentMatch, that is.  

After selecting your country (we advise that US based authors should query US based agents), genre or non-fiction subject areas, you’ll receive a personalised list of suitable agent profiles. You can save your search results and work through them one by one, at your own pace. We’ve done all the work for you: scoured the four corners of the web for every interview, interesting fact, and noteworthy quote, it’s all there.  

So, if you want to get to know the agents below (as well as the other 900+ literary agents!) a little better, then take out our 7-day free trial and get searching. 

Rica Allannic 

Jennifer Chen Tran 

Mark Gottlieb 

Sandy Lu

Amanda Jain  

Deborah Schneider

Need more information? We break everything down in our guide to finding a literary agent – it’s invaluable for all querying authors!


This is an area dominated by full-colour, hard-copy books. The ebook revolution has done little to change the basic market. Which is good news. 

The bad news is that this means the market dynamics are very challenging for debut authors in this area. A sure-fire way to get a cookbook published is to have a TV show first. Or a column in a national newspaper. Or, you’re a celebrity. But for ordinary cookery writers, it is hard to get published. It’s hard to get publishers interested enough to invest in a book, not only because the high production quality means that a book needs to shift a lot of copies to break into profit. 

There are still opportunities for new debut writers. Especially if you are an expert in an under-explored area of food and drink. 

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