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Literary agents for food and cookery books

Literary agents for food and cookery books

The cookery market remains a solidly dependable corner of the books market with many literary agents representing the non-fiction genre.

What’s more, it’s an area which is still dominated by full-colour, hard-copy books, which means that the ebook revolution has done little to change the basic market.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the market dynamics remain challenging for most potential writers in this area. The one sure fire way to get a cookbook published is to make sure that you have a TV show first. Or a column in a major newspaper. Or you’re a celebrity with some lifestyle angle to promote. For ordinary cookery writers, it is hard to get publishers interested enough to invest in a book, not least because the high production quality now expected in this area means that a book needs to shift a lot of copies to break into profit.

But faint heart never won fair maid, and there are still opportunities for new, unknown writers. Especially if you can bring a particular expertise in an under-explored area of food and drink.

AgentMatch has a complete list of every agent in the UK with full details about what genre they handle and much more besides. If you’re looking for an agent, then you’re in exactly the right place.

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AgentMatch And How To Use It

There are plenty of cookery-loving agents and you won’t want to approach them all. The best way to develop and refine your own shortlist of likely targets is to visit our page and use the search tools on the left to make your selection.

You can select by genre (e.g. food and cookery) but you can also select by the agent’s level of experience, their appetite for new clients, and very much more. Our database is completely comprehensive and it’s really, really easy to create the searches you want.

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