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US List of Science-Fiction and Fantasy Literary Agents

US List of Science-Fiction and Fantasy Literary Agents

The science-fiction market remains as varied as it has always been, with plenty of international (and commercial) appeal.

There are plenty of literary agents for science-fiction novels, but finalising your shortlist can be a painstakingly long, dull task. Unless you’re using AgentMatch, that is.   

We’ve done all the hard work for you: scoured the four corners of the web for every interview, interesting fact, and noteworthy quote – it’s all there. So, why not take out our 7-day free trial to get complete access to all the US science fiction and fantasy agent profiles?

After selecting your country (we advise that US based authors query US based agents), genre or nonfiction subject, you’ll receive a personalised list of suitable agent profiles. You can save your search results and then work through them one by one, at your own pace.

Here’s Some Agents to Get You Started: 

Tracey Adams  

Julie Barer  

Connor Goldsmith 

Mark Gottlieb  

Evan Gregory  

Need more information? We break everything down in our guide to finding a literary agent – it’s invaluable for all querying authors! 

Are You Really Writing Science Fiction?

Although you can still write classic space opera and find an eager adult or young adult market for it, there has been an increased interest in seeing more dystopia, genre collisions, and intelligent idea-driven fiction. 

As a genre, science fiction remains rich. You can even argue that literary novelists like Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell have published science-fiction novels. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley are certainly renowned for their sci-fi masterpieces. While authors like Iain Banks and China Mieville, who aren’t traditionally considered as literary novelists, have produced some excellent examples of challenging, bold, and thoughtful fiction.  

As the science-fiction market is so rich and deeply varied, it’s important to ask yourself: ‘am I really writing science fiction?’ 

For example:  

  • A near-future thriller about an as-yet-undiscovered virus could well market itself more accurately as a techno-thriller and be suitable for crime and thriller agents and editors. 
  • An intelligent novel, like David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, is probably better sold as literary fiction, no matter whether or not it uses sci-fi ideas and techniques. 

If science-fiction is the right genre for you, then you’ll probably want to read this article on world-building.  

And, if you’re still unsure about where your book will sit then try using AgentMatch, our database of all US and UK agents. Using the genre search you can peruse the agent profile pages to see what agents are looking for and find the best possible fit for your novel. 

Wishing you lots of intergalactic luck! 

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