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Self-Publishing Month

Catch up with our biggest self-publishing event of the year in the Jericho Writers membership.

Self-Publishing Month will be back in 2022

In April 2021, our Self-Publishing Month brought members of Jericho Writers 12 live online events from experts from the world of self-publishing. Although these events are now over, replays of all sessions are now available exclusively for members.

Find out more about this special event below, or join now to watch all these and hundreds more on replay.

Ask Us Anything About Self-Publishing with Harry Bingham and Orna Ross

There are a heap of unknowns when you’re starting out in self-publishing. In this session, you’ll have the chance to ask author and Jericho Writers founder, Harry Bingham, and Alliance of Independent Authors co-founder Orna Ross anything you want – there are no silly questions here. We’ll aim to help you out as much as we possibly can.

How to Self-Publish on Amazon with Michelle Emerson

So you’ve finished your first draft, now what? Now this! This workshop explains the process of publishing on Amazon in easy-to-grasp steps. Forget overwhelm. Forget complicated. Forget techy confusion. Just grab your pen and notebook and join Michelle Emerson for 60 minutes of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) simply explained.

How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon by Penny Sansevieri

Amazon is a great place to sell books, but most authors (and publishers) underutilise the free systems Amazon offers. Metadata, keywords, and Amazon’s backend systems are also things that are often misunderstood, and underused. This deep dive class will dig into all of the pieces that Amazon has to help you sell more books.

How to Write a Cover Brief and How a Designer Interprets It with Patrick Knowles

Writing cover briefs can be deceptively challenging, and getting it right can make the difference between a great or an average cover. This webinar will explain how best to brief a designer, what elements need to be included and how designers might take that brief to a finished creation.

Building Your Mailing List with Harry Bingham

The most powerful tool in self-publishing is the author mailing list. We’ll show you exactly how to put yours together. We’ll show you how to use it. And we’ll explain the magic which makes the mailing list such a powerful and versatile marketing tool.

Harry Bingham in Conversation with Bestselling Author Rachel Abbott

Join Harry Bingham in conversation with bestselling self-published author, Rachel Abbott, as they discuss all things self-publishing, talk about the changing face of the industry and impart top tips to get your book in those bestseller charts.

Writing Your Blurb Workshop with Holly Dawson

In this hands-on session, we will explore the art of writing a succinct, engaging summary that captures the essence of your book and leaves readers desperate to turn the first page. Please bring an example of a blurb you like in your genre as inspiration.

Ask a NYT Bestselling Author Anything with Marie Force and Harry Bingham

Marie Force has sold millions of books worldwide and built a very successful career from her writing. Come armed with questions for Marie about anything to do with her self-publishing journey.

Marketing Without a Budget with Kristina Adams

In this workshop, we’ll look at the different ways you can market your book – without spending a penny. We’ll explore whether you should bother with blogging, the right – and wrong – ways to use social media, and how to engage with your audience using an email list.

Build an Audience and Run Your Own Campaign with Anna Caig

An audience of engaged readers can be just one campaign away. This session covers the solid marketing principles you need to know, as well as how to apply these in the real world to reach people who will love your books through the right channels and with effective content.

Build Your Own Book From Scratch with Harry Bingham

Want to know how to put an eBook together? Then we’ll do it – live. We’ll take a text. We’ll set it up properly – with careful thought about how to convert and retain the reader. Then we’ll format it and upload it to Amazon. All done live during the webinar.

How to Work with Book Bloggers, Bookstagrammers and Book Podcasters with Clare Reynolds, Amanda Chatterton and Sarah Ozo-Irabor

As a self-published author, it can feel daunting pitching your work directly to potential readers and book influencers. This session will give you the chance to find out more about the world of Book Blogging, Bookstagram, Book Twitter and Bookish Podcasts – make sure you come armed with questions!

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