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Haydn Middleton

Haydn Middleton - Editor

Haydn Middleton has been an author and tutor for almost forty years.

Haydn is probably unique in having published quite so many books on such a wide range of subjects – both fiction and non-fiction, for both adults and for children – although some of them are really very short indeed! Many have been translated into foreign languages. Details can be found on his website www.haydnmiddleton.com. The Observer said of his most recent novel for adults, The Ballad Of Syd & Morgan (Propolis, 2018), ‘Haydn Middleton brilliantly imagines a meeting between Syd Barrett and E M Forster’. His next adult novel, The Actual Whole of Music was published in May 2021.

His latest work of fiction for children The Girl Who Said No to the Nazis (Pushkin, 2020) tells the true story of the 1942-43 White Rose plot against Hitler & Co. A historian by training, and a lifelong devotee of fantasy/SF, he has worked as an editor at Oxford University Press, taught creative writing around the world from England to America to Greece and Australia, and he currently tutors students from Stanford University USA on the Bing Overseas Studies Program.


"We found his report and the time he took to discuss it so incredibly helpful and he really nailed our core weaknesses and concerns. It has been a highly valuable service so we would love to thank you."

- Catriona & Alexa

“Your feedback has been indispensable, and the way in which you respond actually always left me in awe! You manage to critique in the most polite and encouraging way imaginable, and always search for positive things for us to hold on to :) Your comments were always so clearly well thought out and your efforts are very much appreciated. As a teacher who expends time and effort for his students, I think it is only fair that you should know the effect you had, on this student at least…”

– Rafif A. R.

“Without your guidance and support I’m certain I wouldn’t have achieved such an outcome. My agent was so excited by my manuscript that she read it in a day and gave me immediate feedback. (…) I took on board all your advice. (…) I’m sure you’ve helped plenty of other first-time authors on their road to the publishing world, but I really wanted to thank you for your insightful views and skilled analysis. Needless to say, if and when my book is published, you’ll be getting a credit.”

– Murray F.

“Thank you for the very detailed report. The feedback is quite excellent. I can see exactly where you are coming from and agree with pretty much everything that you have said – I really like the idea of a form of prologue. (…) It truly was a well-considered and thought-provoking report.”

– Martin W.

"Everything you say resonates with me and has given me much food for thought. You even say things which, until I read your notes, I had not realised that I agreed with but was too close to the project to recognise."

- Nigel S.

"I have been impressed with the end to end service from Jericho Writers. I was very pleased by the quality and depth of the manuscript assessment I received. It added a much needed professional lens to my script and will help me complete it, saving me time and my sanity! Thank you Haydn and JW Team.”

- Kathryn T.

"Your feedback is incredibly useful and has given me quite a bit to consider. I look forward to now diving back into the text and reworking it based on your input."

- Charles B.

“Haydn was an excellent match – his analysis incisive and his thoughts enlightening.”

- Gillian G.

“All I can say to you - apart from a deeply felt thank you - is that I feel I’ve been able to reach someone who is a real guide/mentor.”

- C. H.

"Thank you so much for these points, they're incredibly helpful."

- Laura L.

"His advice was thought-provoking and helped me to see how I could write a script with more depth and reality. Grateful thanks to him."

- J. Parnham

"I can’t tell you how impressed I was with how much thought and attention to detail you put into the review of my work. I found all your feedback very valuable and will be soon putting it into action."

- Ann L.

"In 2006 you assessed my rhyming novel, which was a long way off being ready and you, quite rightly, found problems with pretty much every aspect of it. Over the years, though, I’ve read and re-read your report and have aimed to address all the issues you had with the book. Last year it was finally accepted for publication by an independent publisher and has had many positive reviews. I just wanted to thank you - it was hard to read your critique all those years ago but, without your very fair criticism, I don’t believe Broadlake would have become the novel it is now."

- Ed B.

"Thank you for your very helpful review and suggestions."

- Eamonn M.

"Thank you so much for your comments on the opening of my novel. You were so thorough and I have to say your remarks were right on the nose. I finally see what to do. After I do some rewriting, I will probably be sending the entire book over to be critiqued. So far, this is the best thing I’ve done for my writing since I started."

- Jody B.

"Thank you so much for your detailed and insightful appraisal of my manuscript! I am grateful for your kind words and for taking the time to read it and give me quality feedback. It gives me the confidence to proceed with agents."

- Adelehin I.

"Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed editorial letter on my early draft of Fearmongers. You’ve given me much to ponder and a roadmap for the next draft."

- Edith W.


Haydn is one of our longest-standing editors, having worked with us since 2005. He’ll happily work across fiction and non-fiction and books for adults and children. He’d be a particularly good fit for your fantasy, historical, or literary novel. His intricate reports are always packed-full of advice, particularly on voice. We spoke to him about his work as an editor here.


I’ve sometimes been told that my reports tend towards the ‘sterner’ end of the JW editorial spectrum.  It has also been suggested that I take a ‘tough love’ approach. I’m not sure I go with that – and not just because ‘love’ in this context would be entirely inappropriate! I’d rather say my advice is based on ‘tough respect’. Clients have paid good money for a report, and the last thing they need is from me is soft soap or flannel.

I aim to help each client to communicate their vision more clearly and more entertainingly (two qualities that are often very closely linked). This may require a fairly thorough rethink of the client’s own original aims. In my online courses for JW I frankly admit that I’m not sure whether creative writing can be taught, but I sincerely believe that it can be learned, particularly from open-minded editorial exchanges, and exposure to the great literature of the past.

Genres Haydn specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Science Fiction
Young Adult

Haydn's published books

The Ballad of Syd & Morgan

The Ballad of Syd & Morgan

True Lives: Shakespeare: The Master Playwright

True Lives: Shakespeare: The Master Playwright

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