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Rebecca Horsfall

Rebecca Horsfall - Editor

Rebecca been a fiction editor and creative-writing tutor for well over a decade, working with upwards of 150 authors in a broad range of genres.

She is the author of the bestselling epic character-driven novel, Dancing on Thorns, which was published by Random House in the UK and USA to wide critical acclaim in 2005. Before that, she was a script supervisor and editor in the West End theatre for many years.

In addition to her own writing and editing, Rebecca has given lectures and masterclasses in fiction writing for a number of colleges and organisations and is a regular teacher at Jericho Writers’ Festival of Writing, running courses and workshops in topics that include character creation, plotting, problem solving, and literary style.

Many of Rebecca’s editing clients over the years have gone on to sign with agents and achieve publication. She is happy to work long term with authors on multiple manuscripts.


Find Rebecca on Twitter here: @HorsfallAuthor


“Thank you for your report. Your suggestions were exactly what I needed and you have given me much to think about…! I now feel I have greater clarity and direction on where to go from here. I very much appreciated your candour and insight.”

– Andrew

“Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the review of my manuscript. I really appreciate it. I can’t tell you how helpful it has been. You’ve given me clarity... I can’t think of anything you haven’t covered in your very detailed notes. It’ll be my ‘fix-it manual’ for the task ahead.”

– Claire

“I want to say thank you for taking the time and trouble to undertake the ms assessment. I appreciate it was a laborious task! I particularly appreciate that you understood the type of assessment I was seeking – and gave it to me. I’d spent a lot of time on this MS and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. A lot of what you said was really helpful and valuable advice, pointing out details I was either clueless about or made me think, OMG that’s right, or OMG, that explains this, that and the other problems I’ve had with this MS.”

– Jan

'I am so grateful for Rebecca's expertise, thoughtfully tailored advice and encouragement. She is a gifted communicator and teacher and I have learned so much from her. ' <br />

- Alison O


Rebecca brings a passion for the written word and an extensive knowledge of the craft to all she does. Not a report goes past us without a little nugget of wisdom being noted down. Her reports are simply so brilliant, we could just cosy up in a corner somewhere and soak in all they have to offer. Rebecca is particularly amazing at making previously complicated techniques, or advice, at once understanding – all the while applying them to the specifics of your title. Her editing expertise is incredibly broad and applicable across genres, covering crime to fantasy – there’s little she can’t do.


You might want to catch her fantastic member’s only masterclasses on Revising Your Novel and Show Don’t Tell. We’re telling you, you’ll never think the same way again!



For me, the success of a novel depends primarily on strong storytelling and compelling characters. I have a sharp analytical eye for these aspects, and my aim for each editorial project is to arrive at a technically polished novel that firmly grips the reader, allowing space for your personality as a writer to shine through. This is the combination we want in order for your novel to attract agents and publishers.

However, my own experience as a novelist has also taught me that fiction writing is as much a challenge of confidence, belief and perseverance as it is a technical one, so it’s important to me to take a personal approach to editing that is supportive and solution-focused.

I bring a broad life experience and education to my work as an editor – academically, I trained in science and then (much later) in psychotherapy – and I greatly value the opportunity to edit many kinds of adult fiction alongside my work as a writer.

Genres Rebecca specialises in

Crime / Thriller / Action
Science Fiction
Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Young Adult
Romance & Erotica

Rebecca's published books

Dancing on Thorns

Dancing on Thorns

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