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Our Line-Editing Service

Get your manuscript line-edited by a professional editor

Our Line-Editing Service

Our editors go stringently through your manuscript line by line to ensure your words sparkle.

Line-editing gives you the most detailed form of text-correction, including careful attention to sentence structures, clarity of your writing, and rhythms.  

This kind of editing is particularly suitable for writers where English is a second language, and writers with additional needs such as dyslexia. 

Line-Editing at a glance

What you get:
You’ll get a digital copy of your manuscript with errors highlighted and corrected. Your editor will go through your manuscript line by line, paying special attention to sentence structure, the clarity of your writing, and rhythms.

Turnaround time:
Usually three – four weeks

Dependent on the length and complexity of your manuscript. You can find the pricing structure below.

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The task of text-correction comes in three main flavours, and writers need to choose carefully which one is right for them.

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Why Choose Us?

Our Writer Support Team hand picks the perfect editor to work on your manuscript from over fifty professionals we’ve worked with for years. That means you’ll get the most valuable line-edit possible from an editor who knows your genre inside out.

What our customers say about our line-editing service

I was very impressed with the standard and attention-to-detail provided and found going through the edits very helpful. I’ve been delighted with the effect the suggested word changes made to the impact of my sentences.

N Stout

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Our Guarantee

We’re confident that we’re the best at what we do. That’s why we offer a guarantee for all the editorial work we undertake.

We promise:

  • To use an expert editor with authority in the industry.
  • To consider the market for your manuscript.
  • To be honest and constructive.
  • To respect your copyright.
  • To respond honestly and in good faith in case of problems,
  • To advise you honestly, always.

We’ve had thousands of satisfied customers – and helped countless writers like you get agented and published. Join them!

Line-Editing Service


Line-Editing Service

An estimated 4 week turnaround. Premium Members receive a 10% discount.

Express Line-editing service

An expedited 2 week turnaround. Premium Members receive a 10% discount.
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Frequently asked


How long will it take to match my manuscript with an editor?

We aim to match you with the right editor within 2-4 days. We’ll get back to you as soon as the choice has been confirmed.


Can I choose my editor?

If you have a particular editor in mind, we will of course do our best to match you with them. We cannot guarantee this, however, as all of our editors are freelance and there are times when they are unavailable due to demand and/or other commitments.

Once you have placed your order, you’re welcome to send a shortlist of 4-5 editors from our website (and we’lll do our best to place you with your preferred editors).


Will my manuscript be flawless? 

Probably not. A realistic outcome is that your text will be very clean, but not perfect. In our experience, this standard will be easily sufficient for self-publishing or submission to traditional outlets.


What if my work needs more attention than the service-level I’ve paid? 

In that situation, we’ll tell you. We’re here to make your work better, and we’ll be candid and truthful about what we think you need.  


Will my copy-editor respect my own personal style and voice? 

Yes.  That’s very important to us. As writers ourselves, we know that we can’t just impose a house style on your prose and expect that to be okay. 


Which editorial service is right for me?

We offer quite a few editorial services so you’re right to take the time to consider all of your options. You can take a look at all of our editorial services here. You might also like to read our article explaining all the different types of editorial services. If you’re still not sure, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to offer more advice.