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Deirdre Power

Deirdre Power - Editor

Deirdre began her publishing career in a literary agency, working with children’s authors ranging from Tom Fletcher and David Farr to debut novelists and upcoming new authors. Since then, she has gone on to work in children’s editorial at major publishing houses, working across everything from picture books to YA.

She has worked with upcoming debuts launching in 2023 and 2024 and on high profile authors such as Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé, Ravena Guron, and David Farr. She also works on a freelance basis on submission packages and manuscripts.

Deirdre brings a keen editorial eye and in-depth knowledge of the market, and spends more time reading children’s fiction than anything else. Having worked in both a literary agency and a publishers, she has a strong understanding of how the process works from both sides, and what both agents and editors are hungry to read.

Before her start in publishing, Deirdre was a children’s bookseller for many years and tutored in creative writing while she earned her MPhil in Children’s Literature from Trinity College Dublin.



"This is a thank you. Although it is really more than that. Your reports on my manuscripts represent a tutorial that any aspiring writer would welcome. The assessments have been invaluable. Their guidance and insight have led to a radical change in the structure, dialogue and pace of the book. My thanks for your time, and analysis."

- David G.


We’ve loved working with Deirdre on our Agent One to One Service and we’re thrilled to now have her editorial expertise as well. Her skill and passion for working with Children’s literature across all ages is a huge asset to our team and to all authors who work with her.


Working with authors has always been my favourite part of my job. There’s something really special in teasing out the strongest strands for a manuscript and working with a writer on a manuscript that grows to be close to both of our hearts, that we can both be exceptionally proud of.

I read voraciously (and don’t do much else) so I know this market intimately. And I’m always up to date on where there might be gaps or what the latest trends are. I love getting as involved as I can with the editing process, and there isn’t a part that I don’t love. I bring that passion to every project, along with a strong editorial eye across all stages from developmental edits to proofreading, including line-editing and copyediting that can elevate a manuscript to a whole new level.

Though I have a soft spot for contemporary YA of any description, I’m an omnivore when reading, and the only thing I need to love a manuscript is an amazing story.


Genres Deirdre specialises in

Picture books
Young Adult
Other Narrative Non-fiction

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