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Pippa Goodhart

Pippa Goodhart - Editor

Pippa began her children’s book career as a bookseller and advisor to publishers before beginning to write books herself. She’s had over a hundred titles published, some of them award-winning.

From Saturday girl to manager of Heffers Children’s Bookshop, Pippa went on to work with top children’s book editors before beginning her own writing career. For the last quarter century, Pippa has combined writing her own books with teaching and critiquing to develop writing for children skills in others.

To date, Pippa has had a hundred and twenty picture books, early readers, and MG novels published. Best known is picture book You Choose, illustrated by Nick Sharratt, with sales well over a million copies, and awards from York Libraries and Mumsnet. The well-known Winnie the Witch storybooks are all written by Pippa under the name of ‘Laura Owen’.  Pippa has had novels shortlisted for the Kathleen Fidler Award, the Smarties Prize, and The Young Telegraph Book of the Year. New novel, The Great Sea Dragon Discovery, has won the Young Quills Award for best children’s historical novel, 2019.

Pippa worked for OUP on novels by Jacqueline Wilson, Tim Bowler, Helena Pielichaty and Geraldine McCaughrean.  Through Jericho Writers she has worked with writers such as Pip Jones and Catherine Emmett.


Find Pippa on Twitter here: @pippagoodhart


'Thank you, Jericho Writers for your manuscript editing service! You cleverly paired me with Pippa Goodhart who is amazing. Pippa is an encouraging and veracious editor. I would highly recommend this service!'

- Lyn S

"Pippa's very clear report was full of encouraging, knowledgeable advice on how to improve the reader experience of the picture-book texts I sent her. Also, because I'm a newcomer to the world of children's publishing, she filled me in on what the market is like at the moment. So helpful!"

- Alison L.

"Pippa's advice was beautifully laid down and been a huge boost to my confidence."

- Jason B.

“Thank you for your critique of my book. I found all of your ideas thought provoking and clear. It was very useful to read your ideas of the market and book placement at the strategic level and then also your thoughts on each letter in turn.”

– Sarah P.

'I debated for a long time whether to buy editorial feedback, but having received it, I'm very glad that I did. It was a real eye-opener, and very helpful to get professional, unbiased criticism. I don't yet know where I want to go with the book but Pippa has given me a lot to think about.'

- Ben S.


Pippa is a fountain of knowledge on all things children’s books. However, picture-books, in particular, are her forte. She has worked with us for over a decade and is one of our most trusted editors. We love working with Pippa. Her reports are methodical, comprehensive and packed full of market-centred advice. Experienced with all routes to publishing, she perfectly caters her advice to your publishing aims and dons her ‘creative writing tutor’ hat to help hone your writing skills further. Indeed, sufficiently prepared for any picture-book project that comes her way, Pippa’s reports are always expertly executed.


Children’s books are important. They can turn children into lifelong readers, they open children’s eyes to the lives of others, developing empathy, they comfort, the inform, they entertain. And they are very hard indeed to write well. It’s a privilege to help writers develop the skills.

I have many years of experience as a writer for children, and I’m still very much an active writer now. I’ve also got experience in the worlds of publishing and bookselling. And I enjoy teaching!

Working on picture books is a particular passion. The results can look so simple, and yet the business of using few words to interact with a series of images can be very tricky to get right. It isn’t just a matter of telling a story, it is bringing the visual story to audible life. And it’s also a matter of suiting your story to the current market.

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The Great Sea Dragon Discovery

The Great Sea Dragon Discovery

You Choose

You Choose

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