Advice for writing a children’s book

There is probably no more creatively satisfying enterprise than writing a book for children. If you get it right, the pleasure you give will be vast, may even last a lifetime.

Below are our advice pages for writing a children’s book.

Writing children’s or YA fiction

How to have ideas and inspiration

Nothing is harder to come by than inspiration, and it’s not enough to be inspired, you need a concept a publisher is also likely to get excited by.

Story, plot and pacing


Any good story needs strong, convincing characters to populate it. Even if you’re writing a true story (a memoir, for example), you need to bring your characters to life on the page. Here’s how to do it:

Prose style and editing your work

Sentences need to matter as much to you as paint does to a painter. And remember that good writing is usually good re-writing, so be prepared to put in the hours.

Our guides:

Next steps for writing a children’s book

Have we remembered to mention that writing a book is quite hard?

After you’ve read up on advice for writing a children’s book, help is at hand, if you need it from us.

You can:

  • Seek editorial feedback on your work. We work with partial manuscripts, as well as complete ones.
  • Consider our course on children’s writing. It’s online, so you’ll be able to work around commitments.
  • Come to our events like the Festival of Writing to meet literary agents in person and pitch your manuscript. Signing up to our mailing lists you’ll be first to hear announcements.

Or just send us an email with any more questions you have. And happy writing!

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