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US literary agents for Historical Fiction

US literary agents for Historical Fiction

Looking for an agent that represents historical fiction? Then look no further, we answer all your questions here. Plus, we’ll even introduce a few agents you may like to query!

There are plenty of agents that represent historical fiction to choose from, but finalising your shortlist can be a painstakingly long, dull task. Unless you’re using AgentMatch, that is.    

We’ve done all the hard work for you: scoured the four corners of the web for every interview, interesting fact, and noteworthy quote, it’s all there. So, why not take out our 7-day free trial to get complete access to all the US literary agent profiles.  

After selecting your country (we advise that US based authors query US based agents), genre or non-fiction subject, you’ll receive a personalised list of suitable agent profiles. Save your search results and work through them one by one, at your own pace. Here’s some historical fiction agents to get you started: 

Josh Adams  

Natalia Aponte  

Julie Barer  

Joelle Delbourgo 

Kemi Faderin  

David McCormick 

Kristin Nelson 

Steven Salpeter  

Mitchell Waters  

Need more information? We break everything down in our guide to finding a literary agent – it’s invaluable for all querying authors!

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The Market

The historical fiction market is a wonderfully diverse and rich genre to be writing in. It is comprised of award-winning authors like Hilary Mantel, commercial talents such as Kate Mosse and Phillipa Gregory, and the thrilling talents of Conn Iggulden and Robert Harris. Let’s not forget the weird and wonderful crossovers, like Victorian-inspired steampunk fantasies and even historical erotica. 

As you can see, the historical fiction market is brimming with vibrant, intelligent and lively books. But what does that mean for you? Well, in short, it means that locating the right literary agent to represent you and your novel will be pretty trying. After all, Hilary Mantel’s agent may not be the right person to handle that Victorian-inspired steampunk fantasy. Just a mere interest or reference to historical fiction won’t be enough of a connection. 

This is why, once you’ve created a longlist of potential agents it’s important to review each agent’s profile. Find points of contact with each agent. Maybe they represent a favourite author, or list one of your favourite books, or maybe they’re Irish and your book is set in Dublin, etc. These points of contact will help you ascertain which agents you feel would be a good match, and if you mention them in your query letter could make a great first impression with the individual agent. 

Best of luck!