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US Agents For Travel Non-Fiction

US Agents For Travel Non-Fiction

So, you’ve written a travel memoir and you’re ready to find an agent to represent it?

There are plenty of travel-loving agents but finalising your agent shortlist can be a painstakingly long, dull task. Unless you’re using AgentMatch, that is.  

After selecting your country (we advise that US based authors should query US based agents), genre or non-fiction subject areas, you’ll receive a personalised list of suitable agent profiles. You can save your search results and work through them one by one, at your own pace. We’ve done all the work for you: scoured the four corners of the web for every interview, interesting fact, and noteworthy quote, it’s all there.  

So, if you want to get to know the agents below (as well as the other 900+ literary agents!) a little better, then take out our 7-day free trial and get searching. 

William Clark 

Rachel Dillon Fried  

Wendy Levinson 

Alison Mackeen 

Dan Mandel 

Need more information? We break everything down in our guide to finding a literary agent – it’s invaluable for all querying authors!

Finding An Agent

Finding an agent sounds much easier than it is. There are so many agents, with varying preferences and requirements, and so many sites to explore and notes to take. It can be a daunting task. 

If you’re writing a travel book, it needs to set itself apart from others like it in the market. Take a look at Into the Wild, Eat Pray Love, or Under the Tuscan Sun, what sets them apart and makes them so appealing to readers? Bear this in mind when querying agents, and show them what makes your book unique.

We’ve at least made your agent search easier with AgentMatch.

Good luck!

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