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UK Literary Agents For Memoir, True Story, And Autobiographies

UK Literary Agents For Memoir, True Story, And Autobiographies

Have you just finished your memoir and are ready to begin your search for an agent? Well, we’re here to help! 


Memoirs And Autobiographies

Unless you’re a celebrity, memoirs are a notoriously tricky market to conquer. Your memoir or autobiography needs to be remarkable. It needs to captivate your reader and should be a story that no one else will be able to tell. Think Edmund de Waal’s The Hare With Amber Eyes, Empire Antartica by Gavin Francis, or Cheryl Strayed’s Wild.  

What all memoirs should have in common is non-fiction narratives, based on the author’s personal experiences. You’ll need to turn your memories into excellent prose by plotting the storyline, using scenes with action, dialogue and exchanges, and allowing the readers to get to see the people, or characters, develop as the storyline progresses.  

Finding an agent for any author, but especially for new writers, can be challenging. You need to find an agent who not only likes your work, but you also need to feel like you can have a professional relationship with them. They’ll be your biggest cheerleader and your most honest critic. 

Whatever your story, once you’ve polished your manuscript and your submission pack there’s sure to be an agent out there who can’t wait to read it. So, where to begin?   

AgentMatch And How To Use It

There are plenty of memoir-loving agents, but you won’t want to approach them all. The best way to develop and refine your own shortlist of UK agents for memoirs is to visit AgentMatch, our literary agent database, and use the search tools on the left to make your selection. 

With AgentMatch you can select by genre (e.g. memoir, true story, and autobiography), country, the agent’s level of experience, their appetite for new clients, and much more. You can even save your search results and come back to them, allowing you to work through them one by one, at your own pace. Each profile has been researched thoroughly including what agents like to read in their spare time, information on their most recent deals, manuscript wishlists, submission requirements, and exclusive interviews. 

You can sign-up for a 7-day free trial which will give you a good feel for the data and functionality. Or join us as a premium member and get unlimited access to AgentMatch. 

UK Agents For Memoir, True Story, And Autobiographies 

To get you started we’ve selected a list of 20 UK agents looking for memoirs: 

More Resources  

We’re here to help you at every step in your writing and querying process. Check out our favourite blogs that can assist you in putting together your query letter and synopsis, and if you want valuable, personal feedback on your writing you can book a fifteen-minute One-to-One with an agent of your choice. Premium members can also get a free query letter review from our lovely Writers Support team!   

Happy searching, and good luck on your querying journey!   

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