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Your Writing Mentor Liz Monument

Work closely with writer, editor and writing coach Liz Monument.

Liz is a writer, editor and writing coach working with all kinds of fiction, from sci-fi to historical. Her first two novels are science fiction; her third is a literary genre-fusion, written for a PhD in Creative Writing. Prior to becoming a full-time novelist and script editor, Liz taught in the creative arts field for 22 years. She now works with a wide range of clients, including Jericho Writers and HarperCollins.

Specialises in: Dystopian, science fiction, historical, fantasy, literary fusions, and anything quirky or genre-bending.

Liz provides tuition for our Mentoring Service.

Why we love Liz

Based in Australia, Liz comes personally recommended by Jericho Writers Founder Harry Bingham.  She’s extremely versatile and works with a wide range of genres, with an impressive knowledge of books and resources. As a writer herself, Liz understands the importance of mentoring and is eager to help writers create their best work.

What Liz says about Mentoring

The best writing advice I ever received came in the form of ongoing tuition. At that time, I had several unpublished novels on my shelf, and despaired that they would ever see the light of day. So, I signed up to a programme offering as-you-go tuition and editorial help. Two years later, my debut was shortlisted for a competition, signed by a literary agent, and became a talking book and a paperback. I’ve been a full-time writer and editor ever since. My story is proof that mentoring works.

All writers need help at some point. Even best-selling authors have a regular editor who suggests changes to their manuscripts. This is where I can help with your project – I’m a great believer that irrespective of genre, the mechanics of writing are the same across the board. Refine your voice, show don’t tell, identify the heartbeat of the story, understand your genre, and characterise vividly – these are the vital basics, and are all covered during ongoing mentoring.

I’m led both by what the client wants to achieve, and by what I can see needs to be developed within a client’s skill-set. If you want to work intensively, and to use all your hours within six weeks, that’s great! Likewise, if you want initial advice and then to spend six months working alone before returning to discuss your part-completed project, we can work that way instead. Mentoring is incredibly flexible and is always led by the client.

To learn what hooks a reader, how to plot, how to make your prose sparkle, or what might give your memoir or self-help guide that vital USP, the best thing you can do is enrol for mentoring. You may be reading this because you need ongoing help with a brand-new project, or with a finished novel that you’ve been working on for a long time. Mentoring covers any kind of script development, from a few notes through a half-finished project, to an already-completed manuscript.

I take any genre, including genre mash-ups, literary fiction, and non-fiction projects.


I first approached Liz for a manuscript assessment. Her feedback was thorough and highly constructive – it gave me the building blocks to refine my ideas and frame them in a way that brought them to the forefront. Currently, I’m working with Liz as a writing coach. Her process and approach to directing editorial changes and helping me develop my own voice and style has been invaluable. I couldn’t do without Liz and am so thankful for all her help and guidance. Couldn’t recommend enough!

Joseph H

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