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Liz Monument

Liz Monument - Editor

Liz Monument specialised in adult education and taught in the creative arts field for 22 years before becoming a full-time novelist and editor.

Liz writes all kinds of fiction, including SF, historical, and horror. She believes that the mechanics of fiction are identical whether you’re writing literary, genre, or hybrids, and that the same principles can be applied to improve a manuscript regardless of its subject matter or style. Liz’s debut novel was short-listed for Mslexia Magazine’s unpublished novel competition in 2013, becoming a talking book in 2014, and a paperback in 2015. Liz’s second novel ‘Iteration’ (Fahrenheit Press), a composite SF story, was on the submissions list for the Arthur C Clarke Award, 2018. Her third novel, written for a PhD in Creative Writing, is a genre-bending fusion of dystopian, historical, SF and literary fiction.

As of 2021, Liz is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.


Find Liz on Twitter here: @lizmonument


“Both Clan Carruthers Society International and myself would like to recommend Liz Monument for her exceptional editorial and communication skills. She is a highly competent and tenacious individual whose thoroughness, yet pleasant manner, makes her so very easy to work with. We have achieved so much with her kind assistance and cannot thank her enough.”

- Dr George C.

“Liz was excellent, very encouraging about my novel, full of advice on how to make it better and further reading suggestions.”

- Andy C.

"This is my first time working with an editor for my own work and Liz has been incredibly helpful and insightful. My manuscript assessment was very thorough and it was clear that she took a tremendous amount of care putting it together. Her advice has helped me identify issues I couldn't quite get on my own, with a lot of practical solutions - so I'm very pleased to be working with her!"

- Cameron S.

“Liz is insightful, efficient, fair, and genuinely interested in doing her best for her clients. She has helped me far beyond what I expected… Liz covered a great many aspects of the art of writing and helped me to “think” about what I am doing. Thank you, Liz!”

- Phil G.

“Liz’s close reading of my text and her careful analysis of the structure, content and language was incredibly helpful. Her feedback was insightful and diplomatic – Liz is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

- Dr Petra M.

"Liz has been absolutely priceless. Her report on my novel was insightful, clear, and full of practical suggestions for how to approach the rewrite, and the follow-up zoom call was a revelation. Very easy and personable to chat to, she was full of generous and inspiring thoughts about how to approach the dreaded rewrite. As a result, a story I felt I could never again see clearly, and had not much desire to dive back into, has me excited and full of ideas for its transformation. She was able to spot and extract things I wanted but failed to express, and clarify them in my mind so I now have a clear idea of both where I am going and how to get there. What had previously felt like a daunting task I’m now excited to tackle. Thank you, Liz!"

- Joy S.


Based in Australia, Liz comes personally recommended by Jericho Writers Founder Harry Bingham. Liz gives excellent and comprehensive feedback across genres, and is particularly brilliant for writers who want an Australian perspective on their work, plus those writing historical fiction and dystopian/science fiction. We’re such big fans of Liz that she’s now also a tutor on our Ultimate Novel Writing Course.


I spent many long years as a struggling novelist, feeling the burn to write, but never being sure how well I was handling my material. Several of my early novels found themselves consigned to the fabled shoebox under the bed, having failed miserably. I finally enrolled on a creative writing course and realised that, with ongoing coaching, it is possible for the almost-there writer to achieve the next level. Even best-selling authors need an editor, so it goes without saying that aspiring writers need help too. Today, I apply the same principles I learned from my own mentors to help writers achieve their goals. Whether you want to self-publish, send your work to literary agents, or enter a story/opening chapter competition, I can help. I offer individually-tailored coaching and structural reports for any genre including mainstream fiction, historical, SF, literary, children’s, non-fiction, horror, dystopian, thrillers, crime, and erotica. I also edit non-fiction. I particularly enjoy genre fusions or stories which mess with form to produce unusual composites. Receiving criticism on your manuscript can be daunting (it’s your ‘baby’, after all!) but with somebody holding your hand and offering constructive editorial guidance, your work will become much stronger moving forwards. This is every writer’s goal.

Genres Liz specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Crime / Thriller / Action
Romance & Erotica
Science Fiction
Young Adult
Other Narrative Non-fiction
Subject-led Non-fiction

Liz's published books

The Eternity Fund

The Eternity Fund



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