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Your Writing Mentor Diana Collis

Learn from non-fiction and self-help expert, Diana Collis

Diana has 25 years of experience in non-fiction writing. She began her writing career in journalism and media in Docklands London, continuing into work on magazines, books, brochures, newsletters, radio programmes, e-zines and websites.

A strong technical ability in writing and an honours degree in English, Drama and Film from Reading University combine with practical experience in the holistic field and writing for different branches of MBS audiences – making Diana uniquely able to appreciate the challenges of conveying material in both niche and traditional areas.

As a long-term editor with Jericho Writers, she has extensive experience in memoir and more general non-fiction writing, including self-help guidebooks. Diana has supported and mentored a range of authors, on a wide variety of subjects, to feel more confident in their writing and reshape and polish their work so they could go on to successfully publish their books.

Specialises in: Non-fiction of all kinds, especially self-help and memoir writing.

Diana provides tuition for our Mentoring Service.

Why We Love Diana

Diana is a long-term Jericho Writers editor, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands. With over 25 years experience, she’s gone on to help many writers secure contracts with agents and publishers or successfully self-publish their work.

What Diana Says About Mentoring

My approach to mentoring is to help the author work out what needs the most attention in the book and then take them through reworking sections of writing, to build confidence in bringing out the best in the writing and, wherever it is helpful, deciding how to reshape it. I prefer to work via the email format where possible, as this offers scope to give more thought to answering authors’ questions in a considered, helpful way, as well as assisting the author in keeping material well-organised, and actually getting down to the writing work needed!

I feel mentoring is immensely helpful because it was one of my own first areas of investment as soon as I decided I was serious about being a writer – and the mentoring sessions helped me very quickly believe in my writing capabilities and the value of what I was doing. I genuinely enjoy giving author support just as much as developing my own creative projects. I think it’s partly because I like good writing and have always had a passion for hearing good ideas and new angles. If I can add something to help someone give birth to their project, then I think that’s pretty special for both of us!

The majority of the authors I’ve worked with through Jericho Writers have gone on to either win contracts with agents and publishers or successfully self-publish their work—frequently with excellent reviews on Amazon. Among many of the positive reports of future progress, one author successfully published a parenting book with Orion – who happen to also be the publishers of much of my own work via their Laurence King imprint.

Whilst Mind, Body and Spirit is my specialism, previous author manuscript focuses have included areas as diverse as interior design, food/cookery, hypnotherapy, parenting/family issues, meditation, walking and mountain trekking, feng shui, positive attitude, coaching, religious and transcendental experiences, travel and immigration, addiction and trauma recovery, bereavement and other physical and mental health challenges. As well as the books that appropriately adopt a serious tone, I have a soft spot for writers who enjoy humour and works that make this sometimes more difficult voice tone be effectively heard.


Thank you so very much for Diana’s very kind and helpful words.  I am so pleased that she took on the work. Her very generous and perceptive comments gave me a feeling that she was most sincere and had a real understanding of what my intentions were.  I look forward now to getting on with the changes she recommended.

Y Eichel

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