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Diana Collis

Diana Collis - Editor

Diana has 25 years of experience in the non-fiction arena, with a writing career that began in journalism and media in Docklands London and continued in magazines, books, brochures, newsletters, radio programmes, e-zines and websites.

Diana has years of editing and mentoring experience in Memoir and more general non-fiction work for Jericho Writers. Whilst Mind, Body and Spirit is her specialism, manuscript focuses have included areas as diverse as interior design, diet/food/cookery, hypnotherapy, parenting/family issues, meditation, mountain trekking, feng shui, positive attitude, religious and transcendental experiences, travel and immigration, addiction recovery, healing, and physical and mental health challenges.

A strong technical ability in writing and an honours degree in English, Drama and Film, combine with practical experience in the holistic field to make Diana uniquely able to appreciate the challenges of conveying material in both niche and traditional areas. She enjoys author support as much as developing her own projects, which, in recent years, have included consultancy and writing for the bestselling, Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition deck/booklet set (attracting over 1, 350 positive reviews on Amazon), plus a follow-up Tattoo Tarot Journal book, further, similar projects of Movie Tarot and Music Tarot, and research for the text of the Tarot Colouring Book, all with Laurence King Publishing.

Most of her Jericho Writers authors have gone on to either win contracts with agents and publishers or successfully self-publish their work—frequently with excellent reviews on Amazon.


“This is such a great report – thank you! I believe I have really lucked out in having you as my reader for this proposal. You clearly get what I’m trying to achieve. In fact I feel really excited about my proposal for the first time in a long while – so thank you.“

- Lucy B.

“Many thanks for a really wonderful and supportive assessment. I have taken on board everything you have suggested to me thus far and I am encouraged to continue working at this.“

- Dawne G.

“It was such a positive, helpful report-full of insights and suggestions which will undoubtedly improve the quality of the writing. I was so encouraged and fired up.“

- Melanie S.

"I was delighted with Diana's in-depth editorial report. It was not money spent, it was money invested!"

- Harold L.

“Thanks to Diana for her extensive report, which is of great help to us as we work towards finding the right agent and publisher.”

- Jonathan and Miriam.

“Diana’s assessment was very thorough and went well beyond what was expected! I appreciate the extra time spent reading and reviewing my work.”

- Marc P.

“I feel like Diana has turned on the light switch, and now I actually believe that I can complete this project."

- Breda M.

"I am so pleased that Diana took on my work. Her very generous and perceptive comments gave me a feeling that she was most sincere and had a real understanding of my intentions. I look forward now to getting on with the changes she recommended."

- Y. E.

"Diana goes above and beyond to help achieve your goal. She is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!"

- C. Pollard

"I am most grateful for Diana's guidance, thorough appraisal, and overall encouragement. She provides an absolutely invaluable service, even if she doesn’t realise it."

- N. Walsh

"What impressed me the most about Diana Collis was this. She twice assessed my full manuscript by a complete amateur writer whose wife had recently died. My first memoir effort was a clunky “tribute” draft for family and friends. The content of my story was highly personal. This must have posed a delicate situation for her. In hindsight, as I saw it from her point of view, Diana was faced with - how does she get past telling me the writing is rubbish – at the risk of me, a grieving stranger, misinterpreting her writing critique as personally offensive? These things can happen all too easily via correspondence. She first advised, let go of the “tribute”, include myself and simply “tell your story”. Diana’s gentle balance of realistic truth about my inadequate writing while finding motivational “positives” was inspirational. She sowed the “work hard” seeds for what was to follow – a highly positive second assessment. Whilst she acknowledged the therapeutic value of my writing “your story,” she always remained focused on the craft of writing itself. To my mind, both her assessments conveyed a sensitive “feel” about the person (uniquely me – and thus for each of her clients), by which her assessments were astutely guided. This can only come from long experience of her craft, and intuitive gift. I can’t recommend Diana Collis more highly."

- John M.

"Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to help fashion a rough diamond into something I could feel proud of. A special thanks for your kind words. After two years writing, you validated my hope that I had a story which people would like to hear."

- James Hawley, author of 'My Favourite Colour is Red'


Diana’s reports are always extremely detailed and useful. Her positivity and engagement with all the work sent her way is infectious – we love working with her as much as our writers do!


I enjoy helping aspiring writers, since I recognise the spirit to express something important, alongside the need to find the best ways to reach other people through writing. Good writing is more than just stringing sentences together, or having a written form of a conversation with readers; publishing requires more awareness than just knowing our subject matter well. In essence, people who love to write, or have something they wish to share, need and deserve good support – and I love when I can help to provide that, especially when the writing requires work and persistence; then, faith, confidence and motivation may need an extra boost!

I especially love manuscripts that focus on a positive approach and outcome, and which engage with an uplifting focus, whatever the topic. I also have a personal love of humour, music and cult films.

Most of my work is in manuscript assessment, but I sometimes have scope to take on copy editing, line editing and mentoring, especially where an author may be keen on a developmental editing approach. Whilst non-fiction is my forte, I sometimes assist with fiction works that fall within my areas of interest and experience.

Genres Diana specialises in

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Diana's published books

Tattoo Tarot: Ink and Intuition

Tattoo Tarot: Ink and Intuition

The Book of Music Horoscopes

The Book of Music Horoscopes

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