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Literary Agents For Women’s Fiction

Literary Agents For Women’s Fiction

Are you writing predominantly for women, about women, and in search of an agent?

Women’s fiction is an incredibly broad and rich genre to be aware of as a publishing label.

There is romance, there is domestic noir, there is literary fiction, and a novel being literary fiction need not cancel out it being a romance, etc., etc. Nor does any given sub-genre (e.g. domestic noir) mean that this is a genre read only by women, even if in the publishing world, it may tend to be marketed as such.

So you need to be careful how you choose a book genre. Is it really a book group type of novel (i.e. accessible and literary)? Is it romance? Is it erotica?

Just because your book might be about a woman sorting through a relationship (not necessarily a romantic one), doesn’t mean that you’ll to describe the novel as women’s fiction.

Better to think more about what kind of book it is and what kind of agent you want.

Luckily, we’ve made your agent search easy with AgentMatch.

AgentMatch And How To Use It

On AgentMatch, there are plenty of agents who love women’s fiction (including, by the way, plenty of male agents since this is not a girls’ only preserve), and you won’t want to approach them all. The best way to develop and refine your own shortlist of likely targets is to visit our page and use the search tools on the left to make your selection.

You can select by genre (e.g. romance or literary fiction) but you can also select by the agent’s level of experience, their appetite for new clients, and very much more. Our database is completely comprehensive and it’s really, really easy to create the searches you want.

This site is designed to give users a good feel for the data and functionality for free, but the real riches of our site are available only to members.

Become a member.

AgentMatch provides:

  • A list of every agent in the UK;
  • Masses of data on each one (photos, biographies, client lists, genre preferences, likes and dislikes, and much more);
  • Search tools to make it easy to sort through all our goodies;
  • Submission info for every agent;
  • Further links to any other key information we’ve been able to locate on the web.

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