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Welcome to Jericho Writers

Jericho Writers is a club for writers like you

We aim to give you the best help and advice on every topic that matters to you: how to write better, how to get published, and how to self-publish.

We are constantly improving the range of resources we offer. These resources are free to all members, always.

Join Jericho Writers, and get all of this for FREE:

  • FREE access to our Getting Published video course – Learn how to land an agent and get a very good publishing deal. All free – forever.
  • FREE access to our How to Write video course – where you can learn the fundamentals of writing from a bestselling author.
  • FREE access to Self-Publishing video course – a superb introduction to creating, publishing and selling your books online.
  • FREE access to our Cinema – screening interviews with leading publishers, literary agents and bestselling authors – and also our fun and informative Snapshot series.
  • FREE access to ALL our video Masterclasses – with top advice from industry experts
  • FREE access to AgentMatch (previously AgentHunter) – with extensive search tools and information on every UK literary agent.
  • FREE access to our Townhouse – where writers can connect with each other for peer-to-peer advice and feedback.
  • FREE expert advice from Ask Jericho – a new service exclusively for members, where you can get tailored advice on writing and publishing, from our savvy team.

Members will also get hefty discounts and priority booking on:

  • ALL our editorial services – including manuscript assessments, editing and yes – even mentoring.
  • ALL our events – including the life-changing Festival of Writing.
  • ALL our tutored courses – covering all genres and stages of your writing career.

There are no long-term lock-ins or hidden fees. Just genuinely useful content for writers who want to take their writing to the next level.

So – are you ready to take your writing career seriously?

Want to learn more about us? See our frequently asked questions below or meet our team.

Introducing Jericho Writers


Can I still buy courses / tickets to events / editorial services without being a member?

Yes, you can. Non-members still have access to all our courses in the Academy, our events in the Auditorium and our editorial services in the Editor’s Room. The membership is our way of offering you a lot more, for far less money.

For example, as a non-member, you can buy our Getting Published video course for £395. As a member, you get this for free as part of your £30 per month membership (as well as access to a whole heap of other stuff).

Can I still watch the films in the Cinema / chat to other writers in the Townhouse / use the Ask Jericho service without being a member?

These services are exclusively for members of Jericho Writers. Why not try a month’s membership, to see what they’re all about?

Will it be easy to cancel my membership to Jericho Writers if I need to?

Absolutely. There aren’t any long-term lock-ins. You’re free to come and go as you please.

We’re so confident that you’ll love being a member, that we think you’ll never want to leave.

Where is Jericho Writers based?

Our expert team of writers are based in the historic suburb of Jericho in Oxford, UK.

We work with writers all over the world and want to create a space where people can come together and grow their writing careers.

Want to find out more about us? Click here to meet our team.

How long have Jericho Writers been working with authors?

We were founded in 2005 by bestselling author, Harry Bingham (you can find out more about him, here.) Harry wanted to create a consultancy where first-time authors could get genuinely useful advice and editorial support to grow their writing careers. He called the consultancy ‘The Writers Workshop’, and over the next thirteen years, would help hundreds of writers to publication.

Although we’ve evolved since then into Jericho Writers, that same ethos is true today. Jericho Writers has an unparalleled record of getting writers all the way through to publication, simply because we combine passion and expertise in all that we do.

With our help, our writers have gone on to:

  • Secure representation from some of the top agents in the business
  • Win six-figure book deals
  • Get multi-book deals from leading publishers
  • Get published internationally
  • Become conventionally published bestsellers
  • Become self-published bestsellers
  • Become prize-winners, and appear on major prize short- and long-lists
  • Secure film & TV deals

And we’ll do everything we can to help you be next!

I live overseas, can I still be a member?

Absolutely! We welcome all writers – wherever you are in the world.

I’m new to writing, can I still be a member?

Of course! Jericho Writers is a club where you can grow your career, from generating ideas and learning the craft of writing, to publication and beyond.

I’m self-publishing, can I still be a member?

We strongly believe that self-publishing is a viable career path for writers. In fact, some of our writers have gone on to sell millions of copies of their books – far more than they would have done if traditionally publishing. That’s why we’ve jam-packed Jericho Writers with expert advice, information and opportunities for indie authors.

Can I buy a year’s membership?

You can indeed. Yearly memberships even come with a discount.