Your Complete List of UK Literary Agents

Includes all literary agents currently active in the UK.

Literary agents are the gatekeepers, right? The people who stand between you and admittance to the Promised Land of traditional publishing.

Well, in a way, yes. No large publisher takes work seriously unless it comes to them via a literary agent, so you do need that seal of approval . . .

But even before you get to the happy stage of fretting about all that, there’s one more issue on your mind.

How do I even know which
agents to pitch to?

And additionally:

How can I even find a list of literary agents
currently accepting new work in the UK?

Well, we have the answers to both questions.

You should probably read everything in this blog post, because you’ll find it helpful. But if all you want to do is skip straight down to our list of agents, you can do so here:

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How Do I Know Which Literary Agents to Approach?

My granny once gave me some great advice on gardening. She said, “Always grow plants that you like, and that like you back.”

So don’t go planting clematis if you don’t like clematis. And if you do like clematis, but those darn things keep dying on you, then just move on. Plant something different.

Good rule, right? And it applies to agents too.

We’ll start with the first part of Granny’s Rule:

Find the agents who want YOU

You need to approach literary agents who are keen to hear from people like you. It’s pointless wasting your energy on the rest.

That means you want literary agents who:

  • Are open to submissions in your genre.
  • Either welcome submissions from new writers or are, at least, open to great new slushpile submissions.
  • Are open, inviting and transparent on their blog, website, or in other public communications. More optional, that one, but still a good way to hone your choices.

So if, for example, you’re a crime writer, and an agent is open to submissions from crime writers, and if that agent welcomes slushpile submissions, then you need to pop that agent on your longlist.

That’s a good start, but agents aren’t very specialist and in most cases, your longlist will be something like 100+ names long. Yikes!

The second half of Granny’s Rule enables you to reduce that total to something manageable. Here’s how it works:

Finding the agents YOU want

Take your longlist and pick out any literary agents that you especially like the sound of:

  • Maybe they represent some of your favourite authors in your genre.
  • Or they represent a favourite author in a different genre, even.
  • Or they don’t represent a particular favourite writer of yours, but they have commented admiringly on that author.
  • They share a passion of yours. (For example, your book is in part about Greece, and you notice this agent has Greek ancestry, or runs writing retreats in Greece, or represents books about the country, etc)
  • They made a comment in a blog / on YouTube / at our Festival of Writing / or anywhere else . . . and for whatever reason that comment struck a chord in you.
  • And it’s OK if your reason is dumb. Maybe you like an agent’s face! Or you think their name sounds cute (which is how JK Rowling came across her first literary agent, Christopher Little.)

Really, you’re just looking for points of contact that make sense given your (relatively scant) information resources. You are looking for about 12 names in total.

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Ways not to search for agents

There are two common ways to search for literary agents and neither of them are smart.

Dumb agent search method #1
Send your stuff only to the industry’s most high-profile literary agents

OK, if you happen to be called Ms Meghan Markle and you have an autobiography to sell, this would be a great strategy.

For anyone else? It’s just dumb.

The highest profile agents have the glossiest client lists. That means (a) they probably won’t take you on, (b) they probably won’t even read your work, and (c) even if they did they would have a lot less time for you than a newer, hungrier agent would.

Why would you want that person?

It’s not even like the size of advance you get for your book is related to how high-profile an agent is. It’s not. It’s related to how good your book is.

If your manuscript only attracts interest from one, relatively small, publisher, it won’t sell for much money. If you have 9 publishers slugging it out for the rights, that book will sell for a lot of dough, no matter what.

Dumb agent search method #2
Only apply to literary agents close to where you live

If you live in central London or New York, that’s a perfectly fine approach. If you live anywhere else, it’s dumb.

Agents cluster in major cities because that’s where the publishers are. You do need your agent to be in constant touch with publishers. You do not need your agent to physically meet you often.

Quite honestly? Once a year would be fine – and you’ll be in town least that often to see your publishers.

In short? Geography doesn’t really matter when it comes to choosing agents. Just choose the right agent, and leave it at that.

UK literary agent list

About our List of Literary Agents

Don’t want to know how our agent list works?
Then skip straight to the list.

As you may know, Jericho Writers is a club for writers (read more here). Members of our club receive a ton of benefits for free within their membership package.

A big, big part of what they get is access to our AgentMatch database. Our aim has been threefold:

  1. We want to collect all publicly available data on all literary agents.
  2. We want to supplement that, wherever possible, with interviews given to us by the agents themselves.
  3. We want to make all that data unbelievably easy to search.
    So, for example, you could search for “All agents who like historical fiction, who are based in the UK, who are welcome submissions from new authors, and who disclose a reasonable amount about themselves on their website / blogs / etc.” That search would take you about 10 seconds to perform. Maybe 15 seconds, if your fingers move slowly.

Members of Jericho Writers get all that for free. And to be clear:

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And remember, members don’t just get access to AgentMatch. They get get access to a complete course on Getting Published, a heap of filmed masterclasses, some awesome interviews, our Townhouse community, our free Ask Jericho service, and so much more. There’s no charge for any of those things. They’re free to members and always will be.

OK. That’s the commercial over.

We get asked A LOT by non-members for access to our database. And we’re kind of nice about things like that.

So, all right. But here’s the deal.

How our agent list works

What follows is a complete list of every literary agent in the UK (or Ireland, because agents there serve the same basic market.) We’ve given you a list of names, and every name links through to the agent’s specific page on our AgentMatch database.

If you are a member of Jericho Writers, you will see 100% of the data and all the search tools will function for you in the normal way.

If you are not a member, you will be able to see our profile summary of every literary agent, but:

  1. Non-members will find that a lot of our data is greyed out.
  2. Non-members will not be able to user our search tools.

Those two things aside, we’ve made everything we’ve got free to everyone.

That’s it from me. Now for that list. Happy hunting!

Literary Agents: The Complete UK List

Sheila Ableman
Michael Alcock
Clare Alexander
Julian Alexander
Darley Anderson
Nelle Andrew
Davinia Andrew Lynch
Susan Armstrong
Frances Arnold
Isabel Atherton
Becky Bagnell
Lisa Baker
Sarah Ballard
Diane Banks
Kate Barker
Nicola Barr
Tim Bates
Veronique Baxter
Diana Beaumont
Eddie Bell
June Bell
Lorella Belli
Simon Benham
Michael Berenti
John Berlyne
Franca Bernatavicius
Tina Betts
Victoria Birkett
Neil Blair
Piers Blofeld
Felicity Blunt
Luigi Bonomi
Jessie Botterill
Georgie Bouz
Suzie Brearley
Janice Brent
Philippa Brewster
Charlie Brotherstone
Jenny Brown
Felicity Bryan
Louise Buckley
Peter Buckman
Kate Burke
Louise Burns
Juliet Burton
Steve Calcutt
Rachel Calder
Charlie Campbell
Georgina Capel
Amber Caraveo
Genevieve Carden
Rebecca Carter
Robert Caskie
James Catchpole
Sarah Chalfant
Niki Chang
Jennifer Chapman
Kathy Charvin
Mic Cheetham
Catherine Cho
Teresa Chris
Jennifer Christie
Julia Churchill
Ben Clark
Catherine Clarke
Anne Clarke
Mary Clemmey
Jonathan Clowes
Alexander Cochran
Gill Coleridge
Claire Conrad
Kevin Conroy Scott
Clare Conville
Rachel Conway
Jonathan Conway
Jane Conway Gordon
Geraldine Cooke
Elinor Cooper
Gemma Cooper
Sam Copeland
Jamie Cowen
Peter Cox
Nemonie Craven Roderick
Julie Crisp
Annette Crossland
Sheila Crowley
Caroline Davidson
Stephen Davies
Meg Davis
Anna Davis
Caroline Dawnay
Shruti Debi
Hilary Delamere
Caspian Dennis
Joanna Devereux
Ella Diamond Kahn
Elise Dillsworth
Rob Dinsdale
Isobel Dixon
Broo Doherty
Anne Marie Doulton
Ian Drury
Robert Dudley
Toby Eady
Stephanie Ebdon
Ros Edwards
Stephen Edwards
Darren Edwards
Jon Elek
Bill Ellis
Ann Evans
Faith Evans
Lisa Eveleigh
Natasha Fairweather
Ariella Feiner
Paul Feldstein
Susan Feldstein
Hannah Ferguson
Julie Fergusson
Samantha Ferris
Jane Finigan
Emma Finn
Peter Fischer
Jemima Forrester
Chelsey Fox
Will Francis
Lindsey Fraser
Julian Friedmann
Helenka Fuglewicz
Eugenie Furniss
Juri Gabriel
Natalie Galustian
Leslie Gardner
Georgia Garrett
Adam Gauntlett
Jonny Geller
James Gill
Kerry Glencorse
Stephanie Glencross
Georgia Glover
David Godwin
Anthony Goff
Bill Goodall
Andrew Gordon
Sophie Gorell Barnes
Jane Graham Maw
Annette Green
Christine Green
Vivien Green
Louise Greenberg
Katie Greenstreet
Jane Gregory
David Grossman
Olivia Guest
Marianne Gunn O Connor
Allan Guthrie
Cassian Hall
Margaret Halton
Matthew Hamilton
Bill Hamilton
Samar Hammam
Margaret Hanbury
Caroline Hardman
Anthony Harwood
John Havergal
David Haviland
Josephine Hayes
David Headley
Rupert Heath
Carol Heaton
Andrew Hewson
Jenny Hewson
Sophie Hicks
Victoria Hobbs
Jodie Hodges
Heather Holden Brown
Sally Holloway
Penny Holroyde
Vanessa Holt
Kate Hordern
Valerie Hoskins
Charlotte Howard
Tanja Howarth
Clare Hulton
Ben Illis
Barrie James
Karen James
Peter Janson Smith
John Jarrold
Cara Jones
Robin Jones
Lucy Juckes
Jane Judd
Carrie Kania
Simon Kavanagh
Mariam Keen
Frances Kelly
Molly Ker Hawn
Caradoc King
Zoe King
Robert Kirby
Peter Knight
Andrew Knight
Lizzy Kremer
Laurence Laluyaux
Sophie Lambert
Louise Lamont
Sonia Land
Rowan Lawton
Pippa Le Quesne
Susanna Lea
Cat Ledger
Barbara Levy
Fiona Lindsay
Christopher Little
Mandy Little
Jonathan Lloyd
Pat Lomax
Laura Longrigg
Liane Louise Smith
Andrew Lownie
Mark Lucas
Lucy Luck
Jennifer Luithlen
Penny Luithlen
Nicky Lund
Sarah Lutyens
Alice Lutyens
David Luxton
Jacqui Lyons
Angus MacDonald
Laura MacDougall
James Macdonald Lockhart
Helen Mackenzie Smith
Sarah Manning
Sarah Manson
Sylvie Marston
Joanna Marston
Gaby Martin
Blanche Marvin
Duncan McAra
Maggie McKernan
Kirsty McLachlan
Gill McLay
Eunice McMullen
Annabel Merullo
Caroline Michel
Madeleine Milburn
Nancy Miles
Rachel Mills
Philippa Milnes Smith
Amy Mitchell
Silvia Molteni
Doreen Montgomery
Caroline Montgomery
Paul Moreton
Joanna Moult
Lisa Moylett
Ivan Mulcahy
Toby Mundy
Oliver Munson
Judith Murray
Juliet Mushens
Kate Nash
Ruth Needham
Geraldine Nichol
Peta Nightingale
Polly Nolan
Andrew Nurnberg
Faith OGrady
Hellie Ogden
Gabriele Pantucci
Philip Patterson
John Pawsey
Tony Peake
Maggie Pearlstine
Clare Pearson
Jonathan Pegg
Imogen Pelham
Catherine Pellegrino
Norah Perkins
Fiona Petheram
Juliet Pickering
Richard Pike
Carrie Plitt
Kevin Pocklington
Lesley Pollinger
Anna Power
Shelley Power
Amanda Preston
Liz Puttick
Aoife Rice
David Riding
Rebecca Ritchie
Peter Robinson
Guy Rose
Kathryn Ross
Zoe Ross
Stephanie Roundsmith
Elizabeth Roy
Felicity Rubinstein
Georgina Ruffhead
Uli Rushby Smith
Gillie Russell
Laetitia Rutherford
Laetitia Rutherford
John Saddler
Darryl Samaraweera
Rosemary Sandberg
Alice Saunders
Jenny Savill
Marilia Savvides
Sandra Sawicka
Vivienne Schuster
Rosemary Scoular
Richard Scrivener
Mike Sharland
Linda Shaughnessy
Kate Shaw
Elizabeth Sheinkman
Caroline Sheldon
Hannah Sheppard
Camilla Shestopal
Julia Silk
Dorie Simmonds
Jeffrey Simmons
Christopher Sinclair Stevenson
Deborah Sinclair Stevenson
Michael Sissons
Philippa Sitters
David Smith
Susan Smith
Robert Smith
Yasmin Standen
Mark Stanton
Elaine Steel
Rochelle Stevens
Shirley Stewart
Peter Straus
Sarah Such
Mandy Suhr
Alex Sullivan
Cathryn Summerhayes
Laura Susijn
Alice Sutherland-Hawes
Karolina Sutton
Joanna Swainson
Sallyanne Sweeney
Peter Tallack
Becky Thomas
Lesley Thorne
Euan Thorneycroft
Jon Thurley
Stephanie Thwaites
Antony Topping
Lavinia Trevor
Felicity Trew
Simon Trewin
Jane Turnbull
Diana Tyler
Jo Unwin
Peter Urpeth
Gilly Vincent
Charlie Viney
Robin Wade
Amy Waite
Zoe Waldie
Charles Walker
Clare Wallace
Patrick Walsh
Caroline Walsh
Rebecca Watson
Anna Webber
Chris Wellbelove
Rosie Welsh
Laura West
Isabel White
Pat White
Eve White
Araminta Whitley
Dinah Wiener
Vicki Willden Lebrecht
Alice Williams
Anne Williams
Laura Williams
Sarah Williams
Jo Williamson
Jane Willis
James Wills
Ed Wilson
Claire Wilson
Donald Winchester
Rebecca Winfield
Gordon Wise
Tom Witcomb
Romily Withington
Caroline Wood
Bryony Woods
Jessica Woollard
Camilla Wray
Andrew Wylie
Susan Yearwood
Claudia Young
Danielle Zigner
Georgia de Chamberet
Jonathan sissons

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