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Your Writing Mentor Victoria Lee

Get expert advice on your children’s book from mentor and editor Victoria Lee

Victoria has many years of experience in the publishing world, specialising in children’s fiction books (for all age groups) as well as now editing academic material. Her passion remains helping writers bring their unique voice to a wider readership, whether they are self-publishing or taking a traditional route.

Whilst her background is in traditional publishing (children’s books), she was quick to embrace the world of self-publishing as ‘levelling the playing field’ and giving new, and established, writers opportunities that were not there when she first began work in a publishing house in London.

She now lives in a tiny, sixteenth-century workers’ cottage in a town in Warwickshire and writes and edits from home. Zoom and email make all things possible, and her client list of writers extends across the world.

Specialises in: All children’s fiction (picture books, children’s, and YA) and non-fiction for teachers and academia.

Victoria provides tuition for our Mentoring Service.

Why we love Victoria

Victoria’s expertise in children’s books will bring invaluable insight to your project. Both having an extensive knowledge of traditional publishing and championing self-publishers, Victoria will help you over every hurdle so that you can write the children’s book of your heart.

What Victoria says about mentoring

Writing for publication can be exciting and fulfilling. It can, at times, also be confusing and scary. As a mentor, I can help you overcome any particular writing challenges you may be facing.

Mentoring sessions are structured around your individual needs and you can ask all the questions that need answering. You may be wondering how to improve the story structure, characterisations, or even the grammar. You may be asking yourself the big question: Is my book good enough? It is really useful having friendly but honest support? That is where I come in.

After many years in the publishing world, my enduring love is for good writing and great storytelling. Writing is such a creative process and, yet, if you are writing for publication that creativity needs to be balanced with the marketplace. I enjoy exploring that balance with authors, but I also encourage writers to be true to themselves – sometimes what is from the heart is more important than commerciality. That can bring the biggest success.


Victoria was amazing and I don’t think I could have done it without her.

Susie Violet (author of The Little Cockroach)

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