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Your Writing Mentor Emma Cooper

Receive expert guidance from a highly acclaimed book club fiction novelist.

Emma Cooper

Emma is the author of highly acclaimed book club fiction novels and is known for mixing humour with darker emotional themes.  Her debut, ‘The Songs of Us’, was snapped up in multiple pre-empts and auctions and was shortlisted for the RNA contemporary novel of the year award. Her work has since been translated into seven different languages. 

Writing came to Emma later in life. As a mother of four, she had little spare time and wrote her debut during her lunch hour while working full-time. She went on to run her own successful manuscript appraisal service, where she has worked with traditionally published authors, as well as new aspiring writers.  Emma is a passionate advocate for working-class writers and loves to help others on their road to publication. 

She has had four books published so far: ‘The Songs of Us’, ‘The First Time I Saw You’, ‘If I Could Say Goodbye’, and ‘It Was Always You’. 

Specialises in: Contemporary, literary (including book club), women’s fiction and romance and erotica. 

Emma provides tuition for our Mentoring Service.

Why we love Emma

Emma is proof that you can become a writer at any point in your life and she knows just how to support aspiring writers. With a background in manuscript appraisal and a highly successful career in traditional publishing, you’re sure to be in safe hands.

What Emma says about Mentoring

Finding new voices and championing aspiring writers is something I am hugely passionate about. 

You know you want to be a writer and have a special story that demands to be written; my job is to help you get your words heard. 

There may be barriers standing in your way, and what I most love about working as a mentor is being able to help you break them down. I will be by your side to guide you through, helping you spot what is missing, cheer you on when you are doing something well and ultimately help you understand how to make – not only this manuscript – but your future works the best they can possibly be. 

I am best suited towards writers seeking a traditional route to publishing within the women’s fiction genre, especially stories with a strong character lead.  Books within this genre are usually centred around love, family and romance and I will advise you on how to get the biggest emotional punch from your scenes. 

I promise to be thoughtful and considerate in my approach to your work, it is my aim that not only will I help you with your current work, but will offer a deeper understanding of the industry and what you need to do to break into this hugely competitive business. 

Having a large family, I understand the time restrictions you may face when embarking on your journey and will collaborate with you to work out a schedule that best suits your commitments so we can use our time together effectively.  

Throughout the process, I will be honest, constructive and above all, encouraging and supportive. 


As a previously published author I wasn’t sure what I’d learn from a mentor, to be honest. But after working with Emma I began to see exactly where I was going wrong and how I could use her insight and techniques to fix it. Emma has taught me more in a fortnight than anyone else over the past decade.

Amanda Brobyn

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