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Your Writing Mentor Emily-Jane Clark

Polish your manuscript with a bestselling non-fiction author and comedy writer.

Emily-Jane Clark is author of bestseller ‘Sleep is For The Weak’.  This part-memoir, part-humorous survival guide for tired parents is five-star rated on Amazon and made the top one hundred of ALL books.    

Her first children’s novel was shortlisted for the prestigious Penguin WriteNow Scheme and she has just written a new humorous non-fiction book on modern motherhood. She also writes features and essays for New Statesman, Metro UK, Huffington Post and Mirror Online

Emily-Jane is also a successful comedy writer at the UK’s biggest satirical newspaper The Daily Mash and has worked on Mock the Week, The Jonathan Ross Show and Mash Report. Her work includes the viral sketch ‘F**k Off, say women’ starring Ellie Taylor, viewed more than four hundred million times on YouTube. Her scripts have also won Craft of Comedy New Writing Award, Sitcom Geeks Script Challenge, reached the finals of Funny Women Awards and been shortlisted for BBC Writers Room twice.  

As an experienced proofreader for Story Tec, she has a keen eye for detail. She is also a freelance editor for script writers who now have work in development with Black Dog, Red and Sky comedy.   

Specialises in: Contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, comedy/satire, historical fiction, picture books, children’s books, plays and screenwriting, memoir/autobiography, narrative non-fiction, subject-led non-fiction.

Emily-Jane provides tuition for our Mentoring Service.

Why we love Emily-Jane

Not only is Emily-Jane a comedy genius, but as an experienced proofreader and bestselling author, her keen eye for detail is sure to guide you in the right direction. She has worked with writers at all levels and has complete empathy for just how difficult writing a book is!

What Emily-Jane says about Mentoring

Writing a book is a frustrating process.  For every hour the words flow easily on to the page, you’ll spend three staring at a blank screen or cleaning out the fridge…because you couldn’t possibly write one more word with a three week old pot of hummus lurking in there!  You can go from believing you are writing a fantastic bestseller to deciding you are rubbish in the space of ten minutes.  It really is a rollercoaster!  For me, this is where mentoring really helps. It is just as much about giving writers the encouragement and confidence to keep going than it is about helping them to tell their story.  

Memoir writing can be especially tricky because you ARE the story, and it can be hard to be objective about what to include. It is so tempting to write everything down, but it is more productive to find an angle- what is the heart of your story? What is the message? Is it a story about overcoming mental health issues, grief, adversity? Is it an insight into a certain lifestyle or career? Who will want to read this? A mentor can help you break your story right down and get to the heart of what you want to say.  

Having a mentor is also very useful if you are writing a humorous book. Not all funny stories or jokes work as well on paper, so it really helps to have someone to bounce ideas off and test those gags out on! 

I am passionate about inspiring new writers to take the seed of a story and help them nurture it into a fully-fledged book- one step at a time.  I also love helping experienced writers to make their manuscript shine!     

 I would love to work with memoir, non-fiction or humour writers from all walks of life, whether their stories are in book, short story or script form.  

I am a Penguin WriteNow shortlister with two chapter books and a picture book in development so I would also love to mentor children’s writers. 

As an experienced TV writer, I am also keen to work with script writers from all genres.  


Emily-Jane’s notes were constructive, thoughtful and energising. She gave me the confidence and drive to keep going and offered insights that made me a better writer.

Katie Lee

Scriptwriter and writing her first novel
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