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Meet Your Match

Our popular Twitter event. Tweet us your pitch and we’ll match you with an agent who’ll love your work

Meet Your Match Will Be Back Soon

Our last pitch session was on 27th October 2022, 14:00 – 16:00 BST

Check back soon or follow us on Twitter for updates on the next one. 

Visit the Twitter hashtag to see the wonderful pitches we received.

How it works: Post your elevator pitch on Twitter and a member of our team will match you with an agent. If you like the proposed match, you can then book a one-to-one and speak to them directly!

We also give away one free one-to-one session to the author of our favourite pitch.


Meet Your Match Townhouse Group

Sounds challenging? You’re not alone in feeling that way. Luckily, we’ve created a group on Townhouse where you can get tips and personalised feedback from our team (and each other).

In the weeks leading up to a Meet Your Match event, our Agent Relations Manager, Polly, collates some excellent resources on perfecting your pitch, and our very own Harry Bingham uses his ‘Office Hours’ to give feedback on Premium Member elevator pitches.  

Agent One-to-One Sessions

At a Meet Your Match event, each agent we pair you up with will have one-to-one sessions available soon.

A one-to-one session is an amazing chance to speak directly with literary agents and book doctors from around the world and get one-on-one, constructive feedback on your work over the phone.

You can use your one-to-one with a literary agent to get professional advice on the marketability of your book, or to test the water if you’re interested in submitting to them.

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