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99 Quotes About Writing by the World’s Greatest Writers

17th June 2019/by Rachael Cooper


12th June 2019/by Sarah Derrick

What Makes a Great Villain – Build Your Own Bad Guy

12th June 2019/by Rachael Cooper

How to Write a Great Scene (and Nail It Every Time)

7th June 2019/by Sarah Derrick

5 Reasons Why You Might Fear Writing

25th April 2019/by Sarah Derrick

How to Feel the Fear & Write Every Day

4th April 2019/by Sarah Derrick

Ultimate Novel Writing Course Thoughts

22nd February 2019/by Harry Bingham

Finding the Story by Paul Roberts

18th January 2019/by Sarah Derrick

Where to Begin? By Paul Roberts

18th December 2018/by Sarah Derrick

Punctuation for Writers

22nd October 2018/by Harry Bingham

One Way to Plan a Novel

16th October 2018/by Sarah Juckes

The Power of Story and Discourse by Allie Spencer

20th August 2018/by Sarah Derrick

How to write a short story

20th July 2018/by Jericho Writers

How to Describe What You See (With Descriptive Writing Examples)

23rd May 2018/by Jericho Writers

How to Write a Novel (Start Writing Your Novel Today)

18th May 2018/by Harry Bingham

A Question of Timing: When to Release Information in Your Plot

13th July 2018/by Sarah Derrick

Time to stop procrastinating and write your book

8th May 2018/by Jericho Writers

How to Find Your Voice As a Writer

6th July 2018/by Harry Bingham

Narrative distance definition (with examples for fiction writers)

3rd May 2018/by Jericho Writers

How to revise a first draft

26th April 2018/by Jericho Writers

Write your Novel with the Snowflake Method (Simple Example)

12th April 2018/by Jericho Writers

5 master ingredients to a great first line for your novel

28th March 2018/by Jericho Writers

Using 5 senses in writing (or what erotica teaches all writers)

28th March 2018/by Jericho Writers

How to write villains as multi dimensional characters

28th March 2018/by Jericho Writers