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Everything else can wait – spend an hour in the writing room.

Make Time To Write

Join us in the Writing Room – a virtual writing space dedicated to our Premium Members and their projects.

The real world is full of distractions, so we’ve created a space where your one commitment is to your writing.

The Details

Every writing session lasts for an hour. Don’t worry if you can’t make all the sessions – simply show up when you can.

Each session begins with words on writing craft and a chance to set goals. We’ll then settle in to write. At the end of the session, we’ll discuss what we achieved – or you can keep on writing, if you’re in the flow!

We chat on Townhouse to keep motivation going – join us to keep your inspiration flowing, share updates on your progress, and foster the kind of community that keeps you writing.

We’ll run sessions every week in December – at 6pm on Friday the 9th, and 7pm for the remaining three Wednesdays.

From January, sessions will run at 4pm each Wednesday

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Writing Sprints
The Writing Room has given me the structure and stimulus I need to get this novel grounded and happening. It’s been a bunch of ideas floating in the air for over a year now, but it’s finally happening!
John T