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Learn the secrets to writing a quick and dirty first draft

Watch our free NaNoWriMo event with bestselling authors

How do you write a novel in a month?

Watch our free event with National Novel Writing Month experts to find out.

NaNoWriMo ’22

NaNoWriMo ’22

Want to write 50,000 words in one month? NaNoWriMo is waiting for you! Join top authors who used NaNo to work on their now-published books as they reveal the hints, tips and cheats they use to write a novel in thirty days.

Your Event Speakers

Fiona Longmuir, Eden Royce, and Valerie Valdes

Get tips on writing quick first drafts from writers who’ve been there and done it

Doing NaNo? Join our writing sprints

Over the months of November we’re offering sit-in writing sprints with The Writing Room on Townhouse.

Every Tuesday at 4pm and Thursday at 6pm, we’ll host an hour zoom call for authors to join and sit and simply write. Be held accountable for your writing and gather any advice if you’re stuck!

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