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Vee Walker

Vee Walker - Editor

Love of family history was the start point for Vee Walker’s unique début novel Major Tom’s War (Kashi House), which evolved from a narrative non-fiction account of an unlikely WWI courtship into gripping historical fiction. Her unexpected success at the SAHR Military History Fiction Awards in October 2019 led her to undertake a solo book tour of India.
Vee writes both fiction and non-fiction. Her novels are so closely based on archive material that they can be used as academic source texts.

Vee honed her writing/editing skills as a heritage consultant for 20+ years, working with museums and natural/cultural/historic sites throughout the UK. Her poetry and descriptive writing can be found within unusual interpretive installations on mountains, in forests and along the coast.
She was also commissioned to write pieces of site-based drama by The Royal Geographical Society (Antarctic Science, 2001), British Waterways (the AHI Caliba Award-winning Harry’s Cut, set on the 1950s Birmingham canals network, 2002), and The National Trust for Scotland (#FindAleckie, 2019).
Vee often runs creative writing workshops.

Find Vee on Twitter here: @veewalkerwrites


“I owe Vee an immense debt of gratitude for her work on Highland Cathedral – not least for its title, her recommendation (I had called it The Growing of a Cathedral and found it difficult to see beyond this). Her insights and suggested edits transformed my manuscript into a far more readable and appealing book, fit for both illustration and publication. Highland Cathedral is now in its second edition and still selling well. I am in my 90s and have been writing for over 50 years of my life. I have known many editors. Vee is up there with the best - and is certainly one of the kindest.”

- Elizabeth Sutherland, author, Highland Cathedral, The Seer of Kintail and Lent Term

“Thank you, thank you… I am just amazed that you have done such wonderful work with ‘Jessie’. I will never be able to thank you enough...”

- Glennis McClemont, author, The Change Baby

“Vee has helped me tremendously with both my novels. She worked with me to develop elements of the plot and recommended changes to the structure to increase the tension in the story – and of course picked up on smaller editorial details along the way. Invaluable.”

- Eleanor Bird, author, The Night Heron

"I’m so pleased by the enthusiasm you’ve shown for the book and grateful for the straightforwardness of your constructive criticism, which made me laugh aloud in places at its nail-on-the-head appositeness. I was so encouraged by your feedback, Vee, that my writing is at least approaching the level of the vision I have for the book, and there was never a moment in your report where I baulked at a criticism or suggestion."

- Jeremy W.


Vee’s background and authorial success make her a true asset for writers of historical fiction. Her interest in a wide range of genres ensures that many authors can benefit from her helpful and supportive reports. She’s a kind and charming editor – check out Vee’s testimonials for further proof!


There is nothing I love more than suggesting a tiny adjustment which helps a paragraph take flight; nothing better than when a client says, ‘that was a really tough process, Vee, but you were right.’
Writing can sometimes feel like a cruel business, can’t it, and yet something keeps us hunched over our keyboards, tapping away. I can provide the feedback, insight and tools you need to help you maximise the fruits of your midnight labours.
It pays to burnish your hard work until it shines: I have learned the hard way that a manuscript is seldom quite as finished as one believes. A future agent/content editor will often demand sweeping changes and I can help you anticipate these to save rejection or heartache later.
I am unfailingly kind, but I am also honest. It takes courage to accept constructive feedback. If you are ready to embark on your own editing adventure with me through Jericho Writers, please get in touch.
In non-fiction, I enjoy all work with links to genealogy, Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, travel, the natural environment, popular tradition, archaeology, folklore, France (I speak fluent French), WWI, India, British history generally, theatre, art, music, cooking and food.

Genres Vee specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Science Fiction
Short Stories & novellas
Picture books
Other Narrative Non-fiction

Vee's published books

Major Tom’s War

Major Tom’s War

Non-Fiction: The 1810 Cookbook

Non-Fiction: The 1810 Cookbook

Drama: #FindAleckie

Drama: #FindAleckie

Short Story: Cinder Toffee

Short Story: Cinder Toffee

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