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Sam Jordison

Sam Jordison - Editor

Sam Jordison is a co-director at Galley Beggar Press, the award winning indy press.

He has extensive editorial experience and knowledge of the book world – and has also been on the other side of the fence, having written several best selling works of non-fiction, including the notorious Crap Towns series, the best-selling I Spy for adults series, a book about Literary London (co-authored with Eloise Millar), political books like Enemies Of The People and The 10 Worst Of Everything.

As a journalist, he mainly writes for The Guardian, and mainly about books. He runs the Not The Booker Prize, and the Guardian’s online book club, The Reading Group. He has also taught about publishing on several Creative Writing university courses, as well as teaching a course on publishing at Greenwich University and journalism at UEA.

From us


Sam brings extensive knowledge to the table as an editor – both from the perspective of an author, and as a publisher.

From them


I have edited novels and non-fiction writers by some of the best writers alive today. They have variously been shortlisted for and won The Booker Prize, The Republic Of Consciousness Prize, The Goldsmiths Prize, The Desmond Elliott Prize, The Jan Michalski Prize, The Folio Prize, The Bollinger Wodehouse Prize For Comic Fiction, The Jhalak Prize, The Women’s Prize, The Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, and the Frank O’Connor Short Story Prize.

I also love to see work by people who are starting out on their careers and am curious both about fiction and non-fiction. I’ve been on both sides of the fence of the publishing process as both a writer and editor, so am well equipped to offer you the advice you need. And I’m also very sympathetic to the work you are doing. I know that writing books takes dedication and I am always keen to give your work the attention it deserves.

Genres Sam specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Crime / Thriller / Action
Science Fiction
Short Stories & novellas
Other Narrative Non-fiction
Subject-led Non-fiction

Sam's published books

The 10 Worst Of Everything

The 10 Worst Of Everything

Crap Towns II

Crap Towns II

Crap Towns

Crap Towns

Enemies of the People

Enemies of the People


“I am so happy I came back to Sam for the second assessment. I got everything I asked for and more, and for me every penny was really well spent.”

– Michael S.

"Thank you for your comprehensive report with practical comments and suggestions. I appreciate that you didn't sugarcoat it while being fair and supportive. Everything was clear and easy to understand and above all very insightful. I'll continue to plough away at it and get it into better shape and then see what the future brings."

Lachlan P.

“Sam’s assessment was extensive – and excellent in every way. His comments made it obvious that he had read and digested every word in my book. He was detailed, citing many specific passages – some because they were worked well, but also some that didn’t. He was comprehensive in his analysis, enabling me to see the strengths and weaknesses of my manuscript. What particularly struck me about Sam’s feedback was his kindness, how positive he was, even when he was criticizing some aspect of my writing or giving me bad news about the state of publishing. He could hardly have been more helpful.”

– Annerose W.

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