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Rosie Walker

Rosie Walker - Editor

Rosie Walker is a writer of psychological thrillers: Secrets of a Serial Killer (2020), and The House Fire (2022), both published by Harper CollinsOne More Chapter. Since publication, Secrets of a Serial Killer has sold more than 14,000 copies across ebook, paperback and audiobook.

Rosie gained a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh, which taught her the ins and outs of great fiction: structure, pace, plot, characterisation and conflict. She also learned the art of providing insightful feedback on others’ writing, whether that’s big-picture plot issues or the detail of a line edit.

She is currently writing her third novel and working as a freelance editor, specialising in psychological thrillers and women’s fiction. She loves adult fiction with mysteries and puzzles: secret passageways, abandoned houses, the novel version of Jonathan Creek, or the Famous Five for grown ups.

Find Rosie on Twitter here: @ciderwithrosie


Rosie knows writing in the most fundamental way. This shines through in her editorial reports, as she gives insightful feedback on the building blocks of story. Her reports are enthusiastic and have all that you need to bring your manuscript to the next level.


Working with an editor should be a really positive experience: I make sure my authors understand what’s great about their writing, as well as what needs improvement. The writers who work with me are just as likely to hear “Yes! I love what you did here!” alongside my recommendations for adjustments in their text.

With my first two published novels I experienced the editorial process from start to finish, so I know what it’s like to receive the structural edit letter, the copy edit and nitty-gritty of the line edit. I also know what it’s like when you’ve done everything you can and you’re ready for another set of eyes on your work. I’m here to help you get your novel where you want it to be: to tighten your plot, crank up the tension, and grip the reader on every page. I enjoy each editorial stage and love to guide other authors through those phases of their creative process too.

Genres Rosie specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Crime / Thriller / Action

Rosie's published books

Secrets of a Serial Killer

Secrets of a Serial Killer

The House Fire

The House Fire

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