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Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts - Editor

Paul Roberts is a writer and business consultant with a love for effective communication. His first book was published by The Economist in 2007 and is now in its third edition. He has had several further books published by Kogan Page, forming part of their hugely influential ‘Business Success’ series. Paul’s latest non-fiction book has been published by Routledge in their ‘Absolute Essentials’ series, causing Paul to realise, if ever proof was needed, that it is far harder to write a short book than a long one. Paul writes frequently for magazines and professional publications as diverse as the Independent, Evening Standard, Maxim and Viz comic. He has also written for television. He has a novel nearing completion. As a reviewer, editor and teacher of creative writing, he has supported developing writers for many years.


“Paul did such an excellent job with the review and I found his feedback invaluable.”

– Peace A.

"I have been fortunate to have Paul Roberts as the editor of this book. From his initial assessment and further feedback, I have been able to create a more polished output.”

- Sam C.

"Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to help fashion a rough diamond into something I could feel proud of. A special thanks for your kind words. After two years writing, you validated my hope that I had a story which people would like to hear."

- James Hawley, author of 'My Favourite Colour is Red'

"Working with Paul has been a real pleasure. He can spot things that you would have never noticed. I was particularly impressed by the level of detail in his assessment. One can clearly see all the hard work he has put into reading and commenting. If I am honest, I was unsure at the beginning, but it was worth every penny. Not only do I recommend Paul, but I would be more than happy to work with him in the future."

- Adrián V.

"The care and attention which Paul gave to my manuscript, 'The Glow Worm', was an exemplary piece of work, which clearly demonstrated both heart and honesty within his comprehensive overview. I feel re-energised as a consequence and profoundly grateful."

- Nick B.

"Paul is a star! I can't sing his praises enough. His manuscript assessment of my book was not only very encouraging, but gave me some very specific pointers to simple ways in which I could immediately improve the quality of my writing. As well as drilling down into the finer detail, he also had a thorough overview of the piece and clearly understood what I was trying to achieve. He was very generous in sharing his knowledge and experience, not only of the genre I'm writing in, but of the publishing business in general. Thanks to his detailed advice and guidance, I now feel very well equipped to make my book the best it can be and, in time, to submit it for publication. I couldn't have been in safer hands."

- Stewart A


Paul is the kindest, most thoughtful editor we ever did meet. You can tell he really connects with the projects he is given and is focused on providing structured advice that will support authors throughout their edits – not just the first. Indeed, he can tackle almost any subject – no matter how thorny – with absolute grace and precision, by using his breadth of industry knowledge, disciplined writing techniques and expansive reading experience. Rest assured he will drill down to the point of the matter. It is no exaggeration to say that Paul always produces top-notch non-fiction reports and is empathetic in his ruminations – exactly what you need. We spoke to Paul about his approach to editing here.


I adore working with aspiring writers, sharing an interest in the power and beauty of the written word. Over the years, I’ve discovered how much there is to learn from each other. I’ve been amazed by the stories, knowledge and insight that Jericho clients have offered for review. I’ve always been delighted to receive a new submission, knowing how personal, powerful and precious every work must be to its owner.

I have seen how it is possible for an enthusiastic and open writer to transform their work as a result of a Jericho review, going on to receive plaudits from others, positive responses from agents and publishers, and the sheer personal pleasure that comes from doing something well.

I think it is especially important to bring clarity into our writing. This is especially true when writing creative non-fiction as it is often the case that the work may be educational. It is so easy for a reader to become disengaged if the writer is unable to keep their attention. Good writing can make even the dullest of texts engaging.

I have a particular interest in supporting writers who are producing autobiographies, memoirs, travelogues, business and management textbooks, and self-help books.

Genres Paul specialises in

Other Narrative Non-fiction
Subject-led Non-fiction

Paul's published books

Strategic Project Management (Strategic Success)

Strategic Project Management (Strategic Success)

Effective Project Management (Business Success)

Effective Project Management (Business Success)

The Economist Guide to Project Management 2nd Edition: Getting it right and achieving lasting

The Economist Guide to Project Management 2nd Edition: Getting it right and achieving lasting

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