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Nicola Mostyn

Nicola Mostyn - Editor

Nicola Mostyn has twenty years experience in working with creativity, as an arts journalist, columnist, editor, writing coach and the author of two novels and one non-fiction title.

Nicola’s debut The Gods of Love was shortlisted for The Writers’ Guild Best First Novel award, became an I-news top ten debut, a NetGalley top read and an Amazon bestseller. The sequel, The Love Delusion, followed in 2019.

Nicola’s non-fiction title, Seven Creative Gremlins, was written in conjunction with a Life Coach and is aimed at helping writers combat common psychological blocks. She runs the website, offering support, inspiration and tough love to aspiring and established writers. Nicola has a Master’s Degree in English Literature from The University of Manchester and a certificate in Teaching Creative Writing Workshops from Manchester Metropolitan University.

From 2017 to 2020, Nicola held creative writing workshops in Manchester to help writers make progress on their work in a supportive and relaxed environment.


Find Nicola on Twitter here: @NicolaMostyn


“You obviously really get my book and I had a hunch that you would. To hear it striking the right notes is so emotional somehow. On a more professional note, your observations about structure and other stuff are spot on. I will be thinking and reflecting and then I will figure it out and write and write.”

- Max F.

“This report is amazing, it completely surpasses my expectations. Thanks so much for putting this must effort into it and generous info. This is definitely one of the best investments I’ve ever made, I’m so glad I asked and I can’t tell you how much it’s helped.”

- Tim B.

"I can tell that you put a lot of thought into your report, and it is clear that my manuscript will benefit enormously. Thanks again for your wonderful input. Truly, it is fantastic."

- Piers W.

"Thank you so much for all your feedback, for patiently answering all my questions and for sharing your wisdom with me"

- Ahmet E.

"Thanks so much for the superb report you have provided me. Comprehensive, forensic and morale-boosting, it’s a road map for what I need to do next with regards to my submission. "

- Robin J.

"Thank you so very much for the thorough and detailed report on my story! I am grateful for all your suggestions, there is a lot to think about and many ways to improve my book."

- Susan T.

"Thank you very much for your helpful and encouraging evaluation of my novel: 'Amazonia - Dancing with the Devil'. Regarding your priceless evaluation and follow-up answers, I am way beyond grateful! Your comments have stimulated my creativity even more and have helped me steer my next draft. Knowing that I have to continue to improve the novel does not discourage me; I enjoy the hard work of editing and consider myself a persistent, ambitious optimist. Thanks to your fantastic feedback, I aim for a quantum leap improvement in this draft, so I can ultimately catch the interest of an agent (my goal) or publisher."

- Silvio G.


Nicola understands the difficulty of being a writer and has the tools to motivate you to keep going. She’s a master at diagnosing plot problems and flat characters. She is a brilliant editor for those of you working on fantasy novels, especially if there’s a hint of romance!


I love helping writers take their stories to the next level.

My aim with every Manuscript Assessment is to offer the author a clear and practical roadmap of how to improve their draft. I pay close attention to every story, identifying strengths and locating those areas that, with further attention, can help you do justice to your story idea.

I’m particularly passionate about story structure and my superpower is teasing out the perfect framework to help your novel shine.

Due to my background in journalism, I also love synopsis-writing and get great satisfaction from carrying out Submission Assessments, helping writers convey what’s special about their novel in a limited word count.

Lastly, I enjoy helping writers develop a healthy creative mindset in order to learn from and thrive through the challenges of writing, pitching, publication and beyond.

That’s why my Manuscript Assessments are designed to offer aspiring authors not only the practical guidance required to improve their novels, but the motivation and confidence to achieve it.

Genres Nicola specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Crime / Thriller / Action
Romance & Erotica
Science Fiction
Young Adult
Subject-led Non-fiction

Nicola's published books

Seven Creative Gremlins: Write your way through doubt and fear to claim your creative life

Seven Creative Gremlins: Write your way through doubt and fear to claim your creative life

The Love Delusion: a sharp, witty, thought-provoking fantasy for our time

The Love Delusion: a sharp, witty, thought-provoking fantasy for our time

The Gods of Love: Happily ever after is ancient history…

The Gods of Love: Happily ever after is ancient history…

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