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Megan Collins

Megan Collins - Editor

Megan Collins is the author of the psychological thrillers The Winter Sister (2019), Behind the Red Door (2020), and The Family Plot (2021), all published by Atria/Simon & Schuster.

Megan holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Boston University, and she taught creative writing for twelve years. Throughout her teaching career, she guided many of her students through the process of writing and revising work that then went on to win prestigious regional, state, and national writing competitions. Many of her former students have since had their work published. Megan is also the managing editor of 3Elements Review, a prompt-based literary magazine, where one of her duties is to provide extensive feedback (on the developmental and line-edit levels) to submitters who pay for such services.


Find Megan on Twitter here: @ImMeganCollins


Megan’s reports are brimming with positivity, whilst paying attention to the issues an author needs to fix. Her reports are filled with answers to your questions; as well as questions that you need to answer to find the core of the story you want to tell. Jericho Members can watch her webinar replay, Tips And Tricks To Finish Your Novel.



As a former creative writing teacher, I know there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone find their voice, shape it, and then use it to say something deeply resonant in a way that’s completely unique. Working with aspiring writers is, for me, a magical and inspiring experience; as a witness to their struggles, their bravery, and ultimately their successes, I find I often get as much as I give. I strive to guide each writer I work with toward artistic growth and creative breakthroughs.

Among the creative writing students and faculty at the school where I taught, I had the reputation of being “the editor,” which meant that I had the immense privilege of working with students as they prepared to submit their writing to competitions or journals. I always offered thorough, meticulous feedback that addressed both the big picture (character development, story arc, etc.) and the small (diction, cadence, etc.). As such, in addition to manuscript assessments, I’m happy to do line editing for authors.

Genres Megan specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Crime / Thriller / Action

Megan's published books

The Winter Sister

The Winter Sister

Behind the Red Door

Behind the Red Door

The Family Plot

The Family Plot

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