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Katy Massey

Katy Massey - Editor

Katy was a journalist for 15 years before studying for an MA and PhD in Creative Writing from Newcastle University. 

Her memoir, Are we home yet? was published in 2020 and praised by Bernardine Evaristo as ‘a gem’. It was shortlisted for the Jhalak Prize and the Portico Prize. In addition, her fiction and nonfiction has been widely anthologised, including Common People edited by Kit de Waal from Unbound, The Place for Me, published by Scholastic, and upcoming speculative collection Glimpse, from Peepal Tree Press. 


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She has worked extensively as a mentor and publisher of over 50 novice writers across two anthologies: Tangled Roots and Who are we now? Which reflect the diversity of modern Britain, and include contributions from Hannah Lowe, Blake Morrison and Diana Evans.

She has recently delivered her first novel, an unusual take on the crime genre, to her agent. It features Maureen, a hard-drinking but tender-hearted brothel-keeper in 1970s Leeds. She becomes unexpectedly drawn into the murder of a friend’s son, events which take place against the disturbing back drop of the Yorkshire Ripper’s murder spree.

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I love writing – in fact, I’ve never done any other job – but it is difficult. Sometimes, very. 

I worked as a journalist for years, but I really wanted to write fiction. I simply didn’t know how. I thought it was inspired, highbrow and out of reach.

I was stalled for years, until I found our something spectacular. Writing isn’t a ‘natural gift’. It is a skill. It can be learned. This was a revelation. 

When someone who cares passionately really engages with your work the effect is amazing. They tune into your creativity and help you carve a path to achieving your goals.

I have worked with dozens of writers. (I am particularly strong on handling emotionally difficult subjects.) I love seeing how their confidence develops along with their work. 

And of course, I read widely. I love memoir and fiction equally, but a really good central story is a must. Book club fiction probably best describes it – but I’ll read a cereal packet if there’s nothing else!

Genres Katy specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Crime / Thriller / Action
Short Stories & novellas
Young Adult
Other Narrative Non-fiction
Subject-led Non-fiction

Katy's published books

Are We Home Yet?

Are We Home Yet?

Common People

Common People

The Place for Me

The Place for Me

Tangled Roots

Tangled Roots

Who Are We Now?

Who Are We Now?


Katy is lovely: warm and engaging and inclusive. Clearly knowledgeable and gave very helpful insights and instruction. Lovely – Thank you!

- Anon

Katy's advice is exactly what I needed.

- Thomas F.

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