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Jo Hall

Jo Hall - Editor

As an experienced and exceptionally successful teacher of both English Language and Literature at A Level and additionally Theatre Studies, Jo’s particular strength is helping writers hone their skills and edit their work in order to achieve successful outcomes and realise their aims. She is also a well-qualified mentor of both adults and children. Jo has worked with ‘Daredevil Books’ who have re-published classics including Hillary’s ‘The Last Enemy’ and Birkin’s ‘Full Throttle’, proofreading scans and re-organising layout and punctuation. She edited ‘With a Little Help from My Lens’ by Tommy Hadley, a Beatles photographer, keeping the original voice but teasing out the sense of what was trying to be expressed. This year she interviewed Claire Fuller (shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction) focusing on her writing process, editing and creation of character and description. She runs sessions locally called ‘How to get more from Your Reading’.


Jo is a talented copyeditor who pays close attention to writers’ use of language and its impact on readers. She’ll carefully read your manuscript and suggest changes to help your narrative deliver the full effect on your audience.


I get huge pleasure out of enabling others to get the best out of their writing, utilising my knowledge as a teacher and skills as a mentor. Teaching English Literature requires both an analytical and creative approach and an excellent understanding of how writers create a relationship with their readers. Language A Level teaching demands an extensive knowledge of formal grammar, different writing styles and genres. My favourite module was Creative Writing: I became an expert at facilitating the growth of some exceptional pieces of writing from small beginnings and deep uncertainties. Theatre Studies afforded me an even stronger cultural capital base through my extensive reading of novels and drama and watching plays in production. I have been the final proof reader of hundreds of reports, finding the tiny mistakes which can slip through. I offer proof reading, copy editing and line editing, and manuscript assessment for plays. A completed text and a happy writer bring deep satisfaction to all and I look forward to helping you to achieve this.

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