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Gary Gibson

Gary Gibson - Editor

Gary Gibson is one of the UK’s leading authors of hard science fiction, space opera and post-apocalyptic fiction.

Since the mid-2000s Gary Gibson has had ten science fiction novels published by Pan MacMillan, along with shorter works and novellas appearing through small press publishers including Newcon Press. As an editor for Jericho Writers, he’s also worked with over a hundred unpublished authors since 2009 while also working as a structural editor on a number of traditionally published science fiction novels.

Prior to this, he took part in or ran writers workshops in his home town of Glasgow since 1990, when he made his first professional short fiction sale.

These days he lives in the Far East, working on new novels and stories and as a freelance editor.

You can find Gary’s website here and follow him on Twitter at @garygibsonsf


“The notes and suggestions in your report are extremely useful. It’s great you’ve shown me where I need to improve and how I can get there. This is what I needed to know.”

Adrian R.

“Thank you so much for the very detailed editorial review of my novel. Your suggestions feel right on, and I will certainly take them and rewrite. And I will also take your underlined advice at the end of your report, which gives me hope.”

William M.

“Thank you for your report, it is really useful. All the points you have made are excellent and I feel a bit stupid for not even thinking about those things in the first place. I am working on another novel now so will apply all the points you have made to this one.”

Tim P.


Gary is our go to editor for all things science fiction – his prolific work in the genre has left him with an intimate understanding of science fiction trends and history. He’ll be sure to write you a detailed report that’s considerate of what works in today’s industry while also focusing on the traditional building blocks of great SF/Fantasy storytelling, including worldbuilding, SF tropes, futuristic settings, and more.


The problem most beginning writers face is figuring out the right way as opposed to the wrong way to tell a story. I see my job as pointing out the right path through a landscape of perilous swamps and treacherous quicksands with the knowledge and experience of someone who’s been up and down that same trail a hundred times before. After all, you can’t know if you’re telling a story the right way without someone to help you figure out what’s best not only for your audience, but also for you.

My favourite topics to deal with are science fiction in all forms, as well as contemporary fantasy, speculative fiction and dark/supernatural fiction. I’m particularly skilled at developmental editing for science fiction stories.

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Nova War

Nova War

Stealing Light

Stealing Light

Against Gravity

Against Gravity

Angel Stations

Angel Stations

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